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Communication No. 2016-11 <br />PROPOSED QUESTIONNAIRE FOR COMMUNITY SURVEY DRAFT <br />Rev 19 April 2016 <br />The Volcano Long Range Plan (VLRP) has been a work in progress for 30 years. It has had the support <br />and participation by many residents, and has undergone at least two significant revisions. The majority <br />of residents has consistently expressed a common vision of keeping Volcano as the quaint gateway <br />village to the national park it has been for many years, and a desire to maintain the serene, rural, <br />historic character of the community. <br />The VLRP is an action plan, tiered to the Puna Community Development Plan (PCDP,) September, 2008, a <br />conceptual document providing a framework for action at the community level. Several Puna <br />communities are also in the process of preparing their own village or regional town center plans, <br />similarly conforming to the guidelines in the PCDP. <br />Reference copies of the draft Volcano Long Range Plan are available at the VCA table during the Sunday <br />Farmer's Market at the Cooper Center, and can be borrowed from any member of the VLRP planning <br />team, or online at <br />Your responses to this questionnaire will help to identify preferences for certain community actions that <br />have been proposed in the VLRP. Be critical and honest in your responses. Your participation is greatly <br />appreciated. <br />GENERAL QUESTION: WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT LIVING IN VOLCANO? Select all that apply to you: <br />[ ] affordable cost of living <br />[ ] close to work <br />[ ] compatible life style <br />[ ] rural atmosphere <br />[ ] affordable land <br />[ ] cool climate <br />[ ] close-knit community <br />[ ] peaceful and quiet <br />[ ] privacy <br />[ ] the forest and birds <br />[ ] less crowded than other communities <br />[ ] proximity to the national park <br />[ ] local school <br />[] other <br />