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Testimony, Communications 59, December 16, 2011 <br />The ground rules established for 2010 redistricting process created some difficulty <br />and made it difficult to satisfy everyone. That said, I think the process went <br />reasonably well and certainly provided for public input. However, in the end, I <br />think some of the committee members were less than genuine and special <br />interests ended up being the trump card. We know your final report will include <br />recommendations for the next commission. Please include a recommendation to <br />make the process totally transparent, including special interest desires. As we <br />have seen many time over, special interest to not always promote the greater <br />good. We probably cannot rid ourselves of special interests, but we can make <br />them transparent. <br />Respectfully submitted <br />Richard Bidleman <br />Pahoa <br />COMM. 59.2 <br />