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SILL PLATE <br />PER DRAWINGS <br />z` 2", CLR <br />— <br />\ <br />EARTH <br />5/8"0 ANCHOR BOLTS, CUT WASHER, & W/ <br />3" SQ. PLATE WASHER @ 48" 0.C. MIN. <br />(1) — #5 TOP CONT. <br />(2) — #5 BOTTOM CONT. <br />SLAB—ON—GRADE REINFORCEMENT <br />PER A/E <br />6 MIL MIN. VAPOR BARRIER <br />3", CLR <br />i <br />0 <br />> <br />CV <br />x <br />/ 16 <br />#3 @ 24" O.C. <br />CO <br />3/4" BASE COURSE, <br />COMPACTED 90% <br />COMPACTED SUBGRADE <br />PER R403.2 <br />IN—SITU SOLID ROCK <br />CO\TI\UOUS FOOTI\G DETAIL © SOLD OC,< <br />The applicability of this detail and the allowance for having a non—embedded footing is <br />limited to those sites where the building site is entirely composed of solid rock in its <br />original unripped state. Otherwise, the requirements of 2006 IRC Section R403 applies <br />and the minimum footing embedment of 12" is required. This detail applies only to <br />single—family residential construction. In structures exceeding two—story in height, use <br />of this detail is prohibited. This detail is not applicable where the soil is other than <br />solid rock. The County assumes no liability for the use, misuse or misapplication of <br />this detail and it is the licensed professional who assumes all such liability. The County <br />also reserves the right to reject the use of this detail at its discretion upon discovery <br />that the in—situ requirements noted above are not satisfied. <br />R403.2 Footings for wood foundations. Footings for wood foundations shall be in <br />accordance with Figures R403.1 (2) and R403.1(3). Gravel shall be washed and well <br />graded. The maximum size stone shall not exceed 3/4 inch (19.1 mm). Gravel shall be <br />free from organic, clayey or silty soils. Sand shall be coarse, not smaller than <br />1/16—inch (1.6 mm) grains and shall be free from organic, clayey or silty soils. <br />Crushed stone shall have a maximum size of 1/2 inch (12.7 mm). <br />COUNTY OF HAWAII <br />DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />BUILDING DIVISION <br />101 PAUAHI ST; SUITE 7 <br />HILO,HI 96720 <br />COUNTY OF HAWAI'I <br />DPW STANDARD DETAIL <br />OCT 2018 <br />CONTINUOUS FOOTING <br />DETAIL AT SOLID ROCK <br />REV <br />DESCRIPTION <br />DATE <br />DESIGN BY: NE <br />DRAWN BY: NB <br />CHECKED BY: NE <br />FTG -01 <br />- OF - SHTS <br />