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* $25.00 TRANSFER FEE PER PERMIT <br />* CASH OR CHECK ONLY <br />* SUBMIT BEFORE 3:30 PM <br /> <br />Hawai`i County is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer <br />Rev 12/3/15 nce coh33/building/forms/ <br />BUILDING PERMIT REQUEST FOR TRANSFER <br /> <br />DATE: ________________________________ <br />TO: County of Hawaii – DPW – Building Division <br />RE: Building Permit No(s) ________________________________ <br /> TMK: ____________________________ <br />Owner/builder transfers are allowed only if the request is made prior to final inspection. Transfers between contractors are allowed for all <br />active permits. Originally approved job site plans should be available at the time of inspection or new plans may be required by the <br />Building Inspector. Additional permit(s) may be required if construction is not per the approved plans. <br />LEGAL OWNER: <br /> <br />Name: ___________________________________________(print) <br />Mailing address: ____________________________________ <br /> _____________________________________ <br />E-mail address: _____________________________________ <br />Telephone no: ______________________________________ <br /> <br />Signature/Date: ___________________________________________ <br /> <br />BUILDER: <br /> <br />OWNER/BUILDER: ___________________________________________(print) <br />I declare an exemption under Sec. 444-2(7) for the following reasons: 1) this exemption allows me, as the owner or lessee of the property, to act as my own general <br />contractor without possessing a license; 2) to supervise the contracting myself; 3) to hire licensed subcontractors; 4) the building is for my personal use and not for the <br />use or occupancy by the general public; 5) building will not be built for sale or lease within one (1) year after construction is complete. I hereby acknowledge that the information I have provided is true and correct. I agree to comply with all County and State laws regulating building construction. I fully understand that if I violate <br />any of the provisions of Sec. 444-HRS, I may be subject to civil action; administrative action, including fines; and/or administrative penalties per Sec. 444-22, 23, 35, & <br />36 HRS. <br /> <br />Signature/Date: ___________________________________________ <br /> <br />OR <br /> <br />CONTRACTOR: ___________________________________________(print) <br /> License no: ________________________________________ <br /> Mailing address: ____________________________________ <br /> _____________________________________ <br /> E-mail address: _____________________________________ <br /> Telephone no: ______________________________________ <br /> <br />RME Signature/Date: _______________________________________ (see Hawai`i Revised Statutes Chapter 444) <br /> <br />DESIGN PROFESSIONAL: <br />I acknowledge the transfer of ownership as designated above and accept continued responsibility of the above stated <br />project. <br /> <br /> <br />Signature/Date: ___________________________________________ <br /> <br /> _________________________________________________(print name/license number) <br /> <br /> <br />Approved: ________________________________ DATE: ___________ <br /> Building Division, Department of Public Works <br />For Office Use Only <br />Transfer Fee Received/Verified by <br />_________________________ <br />Date: ____________________ <br />Check# _______________ <br />Amount: $_____________ <br /> Ownership  Contractor <br />Transfer Completed on __________ <br />By____________________________