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<br />Frank DeMarco <br />Harry Kim <br />Director <br />Mayor <br /> <br />Allan Simeon <br />Wil Okabe <br />Deputy Director <br /> Managing Director <br /> <br />DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />Aupuni Center <br />101 Pauahi Street, Suite 7 · Hilo, Hawai‘i 96720-4224 <br />(808) 961-8321 · Fax (808) 961-8630 <br /> <br />Division Procedure: 2017-0602 <br />Date: June 7, 2017 <br />Code/ Edition: County of Hawaii Building Code Chapter 5 & IBC 104.11 <br />Subject: R-3 (One & Two-Family) Minimum Footing Depth <br />I. PROCEDURE PURPOSE <br />a. To ensure fair and consistent application of footing depth when on solid rock. <br />II. RELEVANT LAW <br />a. Hawaii County Code Chapter 5 and International Building & Residential <br />Codes (IBC, IRC 2006 ed.) <br />III. SUMMARY OF LAWS <br />a.Sections 1805.2 (IBC) and R403.1.4 (IRC) state that footings shall be place <br />at least 12 inches below the undisturbed ground surface except when <br />erected on solid rock. <br />b.Section 104.11 (IBC) Alternative materials, design, and methods of <br />construction and equipment. <br />IV. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS REGARDING COUNTY OF <br />HAWAII PRACTICE <br />1.Question: What depth of embedment into solid rock is required for slab-on- <br />grade footings? <br />Answer: None. When a one or two-story dwelling slab on grade is placed <br />directly on undisturbed or solid compacted rock over “in-situ” solid basalt <br />then no embedment is required per detail FTG-01 (6/17) <br />Commentary: In addition to the exception provided in the code, Section <br />104.11 provides alternatives and modifications to the practical <br />implementation of the code per Section 5-11(1) of the Hawaii County Code. <br />County of Hawai‘i is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer. <br /> <br />