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Wesley R. Segawa and Associates, Inc. <br />Committed to Quality Performance & Value <br />January 31, 2017 <br />Mr. Frank DeMarco P.E. <br />Director of Public Works <br />County of Hawaii <br />Department of Public Works <br />101 Pauahi Street, Suite 7 <br />Hilo, HI 96720 <br />Subject: Hakalau Stream Bridge (#29-3) <br />Structural Condition Survey Report <br />Hilo Office <br />101 Silva Street, Suite 201 <br />Hilo, Hawaii 96720 <br />Honolulu O 808-5364495 <br />736 South Street Suite 203 <br />Hmmlulu, Howd 96813 <br />Ell 808-935-4611 ® HbCaNw <br />O 8BUBO-6307 8 www.wwsolulimcom <br />Keihin 8mm ® 808-329-8249 <br />73-5577 Kouh* %cot #4 <br />Koiluo-Km Hawe6 96740 <br />Wesley R. Segawa & Associates (WRSA), conducted a field visit on January 13, 2017 to observe <br />the condition of observable portions of the Hakalau Stream Bridge for the purpose of rendering a <br />professional opinion regarding the structural condition of the bridge at the time of our visit. <br />This field visit was conducted after review of the following documents provided by the County <br />of Hawaii (COH): <br />1. Original construction drawings, specifications and miscellaneous contract documents <br />(circa 1929). <br />2. Biennial Bridge Inspection Report, dated June 3, 2015. <br />3. Underwater Inspection Report by Hawaii Engineering Group (BEG), dated March 2016. <br />4. FHWA e-mail by Mr. Domingo Galiciano, P.E. (FWHA), dated August 4, 2016. <br />5. Draft Preliminary Geotechnical Consultation Letter by Yogi Kwong Engineers (YKE), <br />dated November 15, 2016. <br />General Descriotion <br />1. The Hakalau Stream Bridge is a reinforced concrete arch bridge spanning over Hakalau <br />Stream. <br />2. The project specifications indicate the bridge was designed and constructed as an arched <br />structure based on prescribed construction sequencing and monitoring while placing <br />concrete for the Arch Ring Abutments and Arch Ring. <br />3. A recent underwater inspection of the bridge's Arch Ring Abutments discovered severe <br />scouring beneath the full width of the North Arch Ring Abutment (North Abutment) that <br />measured 17 to 25 feet in horizontal depth measured from the face of the Sub -Ledge and <br />vertical opening measuring 5.5 to 8 feet from the stream bed, as identified in the BEG <br />report. <br />