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Informational meeting on Waiākea-Palai Flood Risk Management Project and Palai Stream Flood Insurance Map Revisions The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and the Department of Public <br />Works will hold an informational meeting on the:current project status of Waiākea-Palai Flood control improvement project, Palai Stream Flood Study and Insurance Map Revisions, and, <br />continued operation and maintenance of Hawai‘i County levee systems. The meeting is 5-7 PM, Thursday, August 14 at the Stanley Costales Waiākea Uka Gym. Residents who live along Waiākea <br />Stream, Kawailani Street Bridge, Kupulau Road and in the Waiākea Uka area are encouraged to attend. For details about the informational meeting, call Public Works at (808) 961-8321. http://flood.haw <br />