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Questions for consideration by the PCDP Action Committee regarding potential impacts <br /> stemming from the June 27 lava flow. <br /> 1. What should the County policy be regarding requests from the owners of a business <br /> within the Pahoa Regional Town Center planning area wanting to temporarily or <br /> permanently relocate their business to a different location in Puna that is not within an <br /> area identified as a"preliminary village/town center" in the PCDP? <br /> a) Should the same policies and requirements for relocating a business away from the <br /> lava hazard area be applicable to all permitted and unpermitted commercial/industrial <br /> uses? <br /> b) If the relocation of a business to a parcel outside a PCDP identified village/town <br /> center is to be permitted on a temporary basis only, for how long shall the temporary <br /> relocation be allowed. <br /> c) Should the County allow the permanent relocation of a business located within the <br /> anticipated lava inundation area to any areas that are not within a PCDP identified <br /> village/town center? <br /> d) If the relocation of businesses to areas outside PCDP identified village/town centers is <br /> to be allowed on either a permanent or temporary basis, what relocation areas are <br /> appropriate and which are not? What criteria should be considered in determining <br /> whether a location is appropriate for permanent or temporary relocation? <br /> 2. What, if any, permit approvals should be required for the dismantling of existing <br /> residential and/or commercial structures and the reconstruction of those structures on <br /> other lots outside the potential lava inundation area. <br />