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County of Hawaii, Department of Public Works Building Division <br />Residential Building Permit Checklist <br />The purpose is to provide a checklist and assist permit applicants with the minimum information <br />required for the County of Hawaii single-family/two-family detached residential building permit <br />applications. If the minimum information indicated below is not provided, the plan review may <br />not be completed in a timely manner and/or denied plan submittal. Please use this as a guide and <br />attach it with the building plans. Plans shall be of sufficient clarity. Indicating the extent of the <br />proposed work and showing in detail, it conforms to the provisions of all relevant laws and <br />ordinances. <br />SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS: MUST BE DRAWN TO SCALE AND NOTE THE <br />PAGE DIMENSIONED. CHECK EACH BOX. <br />❑ A completed Building Permit Worksheet is required with the plans <br />❑ Two complete sets of plans. One original size and one photocopy, drawn to scale in ink with <br />dimensions preferably on an 11" x 17" paper size. Blue prints are acceptable.. <br />❑ Indicate the nature and extent of the proposed work clearly distinguished from existing work. <br />❑ Each plan sheet shall include the authorized seal or stamp and signature of a professional <br />engineer or, architect licensed in the State of Hawaii and include this Statement. " This work <br />was prepared by me or under my supervision and construction of this project will be under my <br />observation." When a professional seal or stamp and signature is required, refer to the <br />Residential Building Permit Guidelines. <br />❑ Planning, Engineering, Solid Waste, and the State of Hawaii Department of Health plan <br />review criteria can be found in the Residential Building Permit Guidelines. <br />❑ TITLE OR FIRST SHEET: Provide the project information including the legal property <br />owner, lessee/tenant, tax map key (TMK), site address and site location map. <br />❑ PLOT/SITE PLAN: <br />Show the entire TNM parcel, property line measurements, easements, abutting streets <br />and north arrow. Detailed plot/site plan shall be drawn to and indicated by scale. Exterior <br />elevation plans show the finished floor height dimensions from the finished grade. <br />❑ Location of existing and proposed buildings, swimming pools, rock/masonry walls, <br />potable/non potable water tanks, fences, ancillary structures, driveway access, septic systems or <br />cesspool, eaves, overhangs and etc. <br />❑ Distance between building(s) and property lines, on-site wastewater disposal (i.e. <br />septic systems, leach field, cesspool) and etc. <br />❑ Location of available underground public or private utilities at the property line: <br />water, gas, sewer and cable/electric. <br />