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This four hour awareness level course win pruviue Pdrricipd11L5 WIL11 <br />an understanding of the concept of resilience as it applies to coastal <br />communities with a focus on resilience as a unifying framework <br />for community -based planning, preparedness, response and <br />recovery. The course will emphasize target capabilities to enhance <br />preparedness and response to natural disasters, including chronic, <br />as well as extreme events affecting coastal communities. It will <br />demonstrate how to integrate risk - based, community- based, and <br />collaborative strategies into plans and programs. <br />The goal of the course is to enhance the participant's ability to <br />support preparedness and response efforts by developing and <br />sustaining resilient coastal communities. <br />WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE <br />This course is targeted for a broad cross section of <br />professionals involved in emergency management, <br />fire services, coastal zone managers, planners, <br />developers, and municipal services. <br />MODULES <br />✓ Resilience Concepts <br />✓ Understanding Risks from Natural Hazards <br />✓ Building Resilience <br />✓ Going Forward <br />PRE- REQUISTE <br />✓ Disaster Related Training or Experience <br />PRIMO 2014 <br />March 10, 2014 <br />1:00 pm- 5:00 pm <br />Honolulu, HI <br />LOCATION AND DETAILS: <br />Hawaii Convention Center <br />1801 Kalakaua Avenue -Room 3186 <br />Honolulu, HI 96815 <br />ON-LINE REGISTRATION <br /> <br />REGISTRATION QUESTIONS: <br />Herman Utoafili 808 - 956 -0610 <br />utoafili <br />UNIVERSITY of HAWAII <br />828 Fort Street Mall a Suite 320 <br />Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 <br />Phone: 808.956.0600 <br />Fax: 808.536.9110 <br />website: <br />NDPT( <br />NATIONAL DISASTER <br />PREPAREDNESS <br />TRAINING CENTER <br />at the <br />r <br />r <br />Qr <br />�i <br />Ir <br />�n <br />