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PCDP ACTION COMMITTEE HIGH PRIORITY PROJECTS <br />CY 2013 -2014 <br />Rev January 10, 2014 <br />PCDP PROJECTS UNDERWAY <br />1) PAHOA - Promote, acquire, and develop neighborhood park <br />A/C Champion: Subcommittee formed (Oshi, Patti, Elmer) <br />Description: <br />Project Budget: <br />• 2013015 " Pahoa Park Expansion" $20,000,000. <br />A/C Tasks Completed to date: <br />• Support Pahoa Regional Town Center Steering Committee in implementation of the <br />neighborhood park plan (PCDP 3.5.3 c. 2) <br />• A/C Next Action Item: <br />2) Issac Hale Beach Park Expansion <br />A/C Champion: Farris (Oshi 2nd) <br />Description: <br />Project Budget: <br />• 2013019 "Issac Hale Beach Park Expansion" $12,000,000. <br />A/C Tasks Completed to date: <br />A/C Next Action Item: <br />3) Kikala - Keokea New Park Development <br />A/C Champion: Leila <br />Description: Kikala - Keokea New Park - Planning, Infrastructure, New Building <br />Project Budget: <br />• 2013032 " Kikala- Keokea New Park" $1,500,000. <br />A/C Tasks Completed to date: <br />A/C Next Action Item: <br />4) Complete development of Ahalanui Beach Park (PCDP 3.5.3 [b] 1) <br />A/C Champion: Susan <br />Description: This popular, small day -use park is often fully utilized, to the point that portable <br />toilets, parking, and encroachment onto neighboring private property are constant issues. In <br />addition, access to a slightly unsafe area near the seaward inlet is not properly designed, <br />requiring life guards to constantly order unwitting people to move away. This generates some <br />degree of resentment among life guards and visitors that could easily be corrected with clearer <br />signs and well- designed barriers. <br />