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Communication No. 2014 -3 <br />Report to PCDP - AC on <br />Pahoa Community Certified Kitchen Project <br />References within the PCDP: <br />"Managing Growth, 3.2 Agriculture and Economic Development, p. 3 -7: <br />With the transition in recent decades from plantation -based agriculture to smaller - scale, <br />diversified agricultural operations, Puna faces several challenges. Below are those that the <br />Puna Community Development Plan attempts to address in some way: <br />"Small- scale, independent operations face several ... challenges: (1) finding efficient, cost - <br />effective ways to get products to market, whether for export or local consumption; (2) <br />acquiring and maintaining specialized equipment, facilities, and other infrastructure; (3) <br />providing security to prevent pilferage of products; (4) securing labor assistance at the times <br />when needed. <br />"3.2.1 Goals <br />c. Opportunities for diversified agriculture increase. <br />e. Puna's agricultural products represent an increasing local market share. <br />f. There are more agriculture - related employment training and local job opportunities <br />for youth. <br />g. Local job growth is primarily in "green" industries such as agriculture... <br />"3.2.2 Objectives <br />g. Form partnerships with local businesses and educational institutions to advane <br />education and training in..." <br />- 'Green' sector, include agriculture... <br />j. Provide infrastructure support for youth education and job training in the <br />agricultural sectors. <br />I. Create new "green" employment opportunities in the agricultural ... in Puna. <br />"3.2.3 Actions <br />i. Develop business incubator districts in ... Pahoa ... where small businesses can, for a <br />start -up period of two to three years, occupy spaces at subsidized rent, share receptionist and <br />