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Communication No. 2014 -2 <br />County of Hawaii <br />PROJECT DATA /FINANCIAL IMPACT STATEMENT <br />Fiscal Year 2014 to 2015 <br />1. DEPARTMENT AND DIVISION: Planning Department 2. DATE: 1/14/2014 <br />3. PROJECT NAME: Hawaii Island Mass Transit Master Plan 4. SUBMITTER: Puna CDP Action Committee (Larry Brown) <br />5. COUNCIL BENEFIT DISTRICT(S): All 6. TMK /JUDICIAL: Various /all <br />7. LOCATION (COUNCIL DISTRICT): All 8. TOTAL COUNTY FUNDS NEEDED THIS FY: $200,000 <br />9. CAPITAL PROJECT ELIGIBIILTY (List Criteria): Planning or design studies. <br />10. PROJECT /PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Prepare a county wide Transit Master Plan to provide an overall framework for transit improvements while incorporating user input from each district. Section <br />4.2.3a of the Puna CDP (Actions). The Plan should include timelines, criteria, administrative procedures and legal guidelines for the projected infrastructure needs both in the short and long term. This <br />Master Plan is critical to establish a hub and spoke system, Section 4.2.3b 4) in which transit circulators are teamed with trunk routes thereby providing enhanced mass transit options and service. <br />11. PROJECT JUSTIFICATION & OUTCOME(S) (List all that apply): The MTA Master Plan is the first action item, PCDP Section 4.2.3a, and is required in order to proceed with efforts to provide enhanced <br />mass transit options and complement the development of town centers. The Master Plan can address the lack of federal funding and lack of infrastructure with a widely dispersed population, <br />inadequate schedules and stops, and overdue ADA upgrades at major destinations. <br />12. LONG RANGE PLANS /COMMUNITY VALUES: General Plan, Sec. 13.4.2(a), 13.4.3(a) & 15.1; Puna CDP, Sec. 4.2.3a Actions, 4.2.3 a thru k. <br />13. COUNTY MATCHING FUNDS REQ'D? (Y /N) No DESCRIBE: <br />14. LEGAL MADATE? (Y /N) No DESCRIBE: IF- <br />15. IMPACT ON OPERATIONAL BUDGET: Minor to moderate impact on MTA personnel. <br />16. SUSTAINABILITY FOCUS (List all that apply): Promotes economic vitatlity, strengthens and sustains our community, promotes heatlh and safety, reduces cars on the road. <br />17. PROJECT READINESS (List all that apply): Currently PCDP Action Committee Mass Transit Subcommittee has identified areas of concern, has begun research on federal funding options available, <br />complied an extensive file of pertinent documents relating to the issues, and is willing to assist the project; CDP project manager available to assist with the project. <br />18. EXPENDITURE PHASING (X $1000): <br />Prior Funds <br />Allotted <br />(not lapsed) <br />This FY 14 -15 <br />Request <br />FY 15 -16 <br />FY 16 -17 <br />FY 17 -18 <br />FY 18 -19 <br />FY 19 -20 <br />Beyond 6 <br />Years <br />TOTAL: <br />Planning <br />Land Acquisition <br />Design /Survey <br />Construction <br />200 <br />$200 <br />TOTAL: <br />$200 <br />$200 <br />119. O & M COSTS (x $1000): <br />F <br />F <br />20. FUNDING SOURCE (x $1000): <br />Cty G.O. Bond /Other <br />200 <br />$200 <br />State Revolving Fund <br />State CIP <br />Federal (including ARRA - Stimulus) <br />Private (Grants) <br />CBA (Fair Share, Park Dedication, etc) <br />TOTAL: <br />$200 <br />$200 <br />CIP 2013 -14 FIS Templates.xlxs Revised October 2012 <br />