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MASS TRANSIT <br />Subcommittee of the PCDP <br />Meeting Notes <br />Date: 12/17/13 <br />Time: 4:30 <br />Plar.P• HPP <br />MTS Members and Attendee list <br />Members absent are indicated by an W" <br />Communication No. 2014 -1 <br />Marty Mimmack - <br />June Conant -- Action <br />X Mark Hinshaw- -Pahoa <br />Subcommittee Chair <br />Committee <br />Regional Town Center <br />mimmackmotivational @ <br /> <br />bailevsdad(a <br />X Stephanie Bath <br />Sharon Daun -- Action <br />Rusty Jones <br /> <br />Committee <br /> <br />Terry Daun <br />terrydaun2006 a <br />X Chris Cholas - -HDRC <br />Hannah Hedrick <br />Jon Olson -- Transit Commission <br />cscholas@, <br />hedrickhneca(a <br />jon63 1 <br />Honorary Members: Marlene Hapai and Jerry Reiss <br />1. Call to Order and Chair Report: Marty commented on his report to the PCDP AC and on the <br />Tribune article evaluating Mayor Kenoi's performance, which quoted Marty's comments related to <br />some of the "less successful" performance areas, including lack of public transportation to the <br />Hilo airport (a major priority in the PCDP). <br />2. Additions to the Agenda: No additions were suggested for the agenda. <br />3. Announcements: Upcoming MTS meetings are at 4:30 p.m. in HPP on: January 21, February <br />18, and March 18. The PCDP AC meeting is January 14. <br />4. Approval of MTS Meeting Notes: No changes were made in the November 21 MTS Meeting <br />Notes. <br />5. New Business: <br />A) CIP Request for Island -wide Mass Transit Master Plan: Marty reported that via email, Larry <br />Brown encouraged him to submit a CIP for about $200,000 and suggested that the MTS identify <br />other funds, in case the CIP route is not successful. Marty and Rusty researched funding sources <br />via "e- Civis." Jon Olson offered to help the MTS identify unused or unallocated funds that could <br />be used to develop the Mass Transit Master Plan. Marty read Sections 10, 11, 12, and 16 of the <br />CIP form he filled out, which will be discussed with June, Sharon, and Oshi. Jon suggested that <br />the concept of "Population -Based Benchmarks" be added to keep planning efforts based on data. <br />B) Hannah's emails and mass transit concerns: Hannah pointed out that no AC CIPS are <br />related to PCDP MT priorities, such as bus service to the Hilo airport. She thanked Marty for <br />pointing out in his report to the AC that subcommittee /AC communication protocols need to be <br />developed and that subcommittee information needs to be more readily available to the public. <br />C) Report from County Transit Commissioner, Jon Olson: Marty congratulated Jon on his <br />appointment as Chair of the County Transit Commission. Jon reported that he will keep the "long - <br />festering wound of bus service to the airport" on the agenda and invited MTS members to attend <br />Commission meetings; he will provide dates for upcoming meetings. Jon will continue to explore <br />relationships with public transportation "stakeholders," including new players, such as medical <br />providers who face new responsibilities for serving residents. <br />D) Pahoa Regional Town Center Mass Transit and Planning Issues: In Mark Hinshaw's <br />absence, Jon reported that the Pahoa planning group is proposing a "Hub and Spoke" system (a <br />high priority in the PCDP) and that large potential site parcels have been identified on Post Office <br />Road. Conversations with Greggor Iligan are being planned, because the proposed Hub and <br />Spoke Mass Transit Center cite is in his district. <br />