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MASS TRANSIT <br />Subcommittee of the PCDP <br />RgWif_ta PCDP Action Cammiftee Communication No. 2013 -69 <br />Date: 12.10.13 <br />Marty Mimmack, MTS Chair. <br />Madam chair, Mr. Brown and members of the action committee, attached are the Notes of the November 21 �t <br />meeting of the MTS. They were compiled by Hannah Hedrick and edited by me before publishing for today's <br />meeting The notes contain a mix of issue - related and operational concerns we have addressed and have been <br />attached this month. We would like to highlights several points for the AC today: <br />One Cut rent- Evert to Note is.. <br />1. As many of you saw, on Sunday December 80' the Hilo HT ran an article evaluating Mayor Kenoi's first 5 <br />years. It included a fairly extensive review of mass transit developments of tack thereof Nancy Lauer, of the <br />HHT called me Friday morning and several of my quotes were utilized. I have attached a few copies here for <br />those who missed it. <br />2. In order to clarify our own priorities and chart a course of action for our members, I am as chair developing a <br />2014 NETS_ Action plan (see reverse„ for table of contents of the draft plan). As indicated under Section 5 of our <br />Meeting Notes, the MTS has initially adopted the six (5) Short Term objectives of the 2014 Plan as proposed. <br />2. We would like to quickly review the plan so you can become familiar with the most important parts <br />Uploaded 25 documents to the mtpcdp(a),gmail , cam. See reverse <br />3 We consulted with one of our members about handling committee operations and those recommendations are <br />contained in Section 5 c of the Meeting notes. While this Section was not adopted it serves as the directives we <br />need in order to get started on meeting our upcoming objectives. <br />4. In an effort to be clear and concise, we would like the AC to take up discussion of the following items next <br />meeting- <br />Reinsert a Mass Transit plank on the PCDP AC priority list <br />2 officially ask Mayor Kenoi to fund an Island -wide Mass Transit Master Plan We could help <br />develop his letter of request It would include things like asking the planning department to <br />obtain and share the MTA administrative procedures for establishing new bus stops <br />3. Establish consistent communication with Puna/Ka' u State Russell Ruderman to develop a course <br />of action for obtaining Federal Transit Administration grants that we are woefully missing out on <br />because of lack of critical personnel at the state level <br />4 Update the PCDP website to more accurately reflect current subcommittees Tie currem folder <br />scheme i s extremely inadequate <br />5. Develop a specific protocol for communicating with the AC chair and members that <br />subcommittee chairs can use for official PCDP business. <br />Appendix to Report <br />