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Communication No. 2013 -67 <br />PCDP Subcommittee on Connectivity and Emergency Response <br />Meeting November 26, 2013 Keaau Community Center <br />MINUTES <br />Call to Order: 5:05 p.m. <br />In Attendance: Patti Pinto, Stephanie Bath, Hannah Hendrickson, Marlene Hapai, Chair <br />Approval of Minutes as Circulated (September 24, 2013): Moved: Patti Pinto, Seconded: <br />Stephanie Bath, Unanimously approved. <br />Old Business: <br />1. Discussion of Community Input collected from PREP Fair used to determine <br />Connectivity Locations (CL) for health and safety purposes as well as daily <br />use. <br />Ranking Tool developed using Subcommittee on CER criteria <br />submitted to and approved by PCDP Action Committee and criteria <br />recommended by County of Hawaii DPW. Criteria developed using <br />PCDP guidelines. <br />Meetings held to rank and prioritize CL data and results obtained: <br />1. Puna Uka: October 2 and 4, 2013 — 24 recommended CL's <br />recorded. 20 ranked. <br />2. Puna Waena: - 13 recommended CL's recorded. 5 ranked. <br />3. Puna Kai: 17 recommended CL's recorded. None ranked. <br />4. CER Subcommittee and PCDP Action Committee members in <br />each respective Puna area, i.e., Puna Uka (Upper Puna), Puna <br />Waena (Middle Puna) and Puna Kai (Lower Puna) being asked <br />to help with ranking that know each area. <br />5. Results presented by Patti Pinto and discussed by all present. <br />Other Data to be considered for prioritizing <br />1. PREP Fair Mapping exercise done at Orchidland LDS Chapel <br />by Stephanie Bath on October 21, 2013: 19/19 "Yes" responses <br />to question "Does Puna need more Emergency /daily <br />connectivity roadways ?" Question: "Where are roadways <br />needed ?" Upper Puna — 15, Lower Puna — 15. Specific CL's <br />recommended will be incorporated into existing PREP Fair <br />data summary to reflect additional community input. <br />2. Red Road Community (Farris) — meeting to be held January <br />2014. <br />3. Hawaiian Acres Data Collected (Patrice) — report sent by email <br />November 15, 2013 to incorporated into input data <br />4. Other: Prior to PCDP Action Committee meetings on proposed <br />priorities, Subcommittee members will: 1) meet with <br />subdivision boards and memberships as able to present <br />preliminary input and rankings developed from PREP Fair <br />community recommended data, 2) ask for further input from <br />their membership, 3) invite anyone interested to provide <br />testimony at the PCDP Action Committee meeting that will <br />