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MASS TRANSIT <br />Subcommittee of the PCDP <br />Date: 11. 12.13 <br />Communication No. 2013 -66 <br />Members: steph b., dan t., russeII j., j on o., j une c., Sharon d., terry d., marry m., j erry r., <br />mark 11., hannah h. <br />Marty M immack, MTS Chair_ <br />Madam chair, Mr. Brown and members of the action committee, I'm here to summarize the current activities <br />and issues of the MT subcommittee. <br />1. As you may know, I was not able to attend our subcommittee's meeting in September and we did not meet ii1 <br />October. This created a huge vacuum effect and I'm still sorting out the "contents" so that we can move <br />forward with confidence and accurate information from this point. <br />2. Our meeting notes are not available because of the health of one of our members and certain clarifications <br />that are necessary for our subcommittee to discuss. <br />3. B' ll 108, amending the County Code, has been signed by Mayor Kenoi. Please see the text attached. <br />4. Concerning our subcommittee's CI P request, please accept my apology for not being able to assist with this <br />natter. Both I and several of our key members have been out of town or unavailable recently which contributed <br />greatly to our own ability to communicate effectively. As chair, I take responsibility and leadership for my <br />subcommittee even while away so though some may feel the budget subcommittee dropped the ball, we all <br />share in the charge of making sure that such requests are detailed, specific, clear and complete. Had I been <br />asked, by my subcommittee or this body several months ago, to work on such a request, we could have <br />collaborated to achieve even better funding results for the communities and citizens of the District of Puna. <br />S. We are also still working on the Federal Transit Administration's Mass Transit Funding program known as <br />MAP — 21 that could come in very handy as Kea` au and Pahoa continue major developments in the <br />i ntrastructure necessary for a more complete Hub N Spoke system <br />6. We are still waiting for a response from Tiffany Kai. One of our members has been in contact with tiffany via <br />mail as tollow-up so I will not be contacting Tiffany in this regard. <br />7. There has also been some discussion about the issues and activities where the Mass Transit subcommittee <br />overlaps with the Connectivity and emergency response subcommittee. I agree that there are more areas or <br />overlap than issues that separate us. This is magnified by a number of the membership serving oil both <br />subcommittees. If this body sees fit in the coming months to merge these groups, you have my support. <br />