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Communication No. 2013 -64 <br />PUNA CDP ACTION /STEERING COMMITTEE <br />GENERAL OPERATING BUDGET REQUEST <br />FY 2014 -2015 <br />1. Community Development Plan: Puna <br />2. Budget Item Name /Project (1 per page): Increase of bicycle carrying capacity of buses in <br />Puna to 4 <br />3. Budget Amount Requested: $30,000 Priority Ranking: <br />4. Expense Type: X General Fund (materials, supplies, events, outreach, etc.); or <br />❑ Contract (Community Planning Asst., recorder, outside consultant, etc.) <br />5. Description: An upgrade on the approximately 10 buses that serve Puna: Replacement of <br />the bicycle racks that can carry 2 bicycles with bicycle racks that can carry 4 bicycles. <br />6. Justification: Puna is an underserved community with many residents who are in the lower <br />socio- economic bracket who depend on public transportation and bicycles. With the limited <br />scope and frequency of the buses, it is crucial that bus riders are able to take their bicycles <br />with them when needed. Currently the capacity of the buses to transport bicycles is only 2 <br />and frequently riders with bicycles are turned away or forced to leave their bicycles behind. <br />This request is consistent with the Puna Community Development Plan 4.2.1 (a, c) "Mass <br />Transportation options are increased for all Puna residents." and Section 4.5, which seeks to <br />improve services and options for bicycles. <br />