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William P. Kenoi <br />Mayor <br />County of Hawaii <br />PLANNING DEPARTMENT <br />PUNA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN ACTION COMMITTEE <br />Aupuni Center • 101 Pauahi Street, Suite 3 • Hilo, Hawaii 96720 <br />Phone (808) 961 -8288 • Fax (808) 961 -8742 <br />October 8, 2013 <br />William P. Kenoi, Mayor <br />County of Hawaii <br />25 Aupuni Street <br />Hilo, Hawaii 96720 <br />Dear Mayor Kenoi, <br />Duane Kanuha <br />Director <br />Bobby Command <br />Deputy Director <br />A group of Puna leaders has been meeting to consider how we can collaborate to create a priority list <br />for Puna projects so that we can strategically manage our growth. Puna's needs are vast and, of <br />necessity, must be handled on a piece by piece basis, so it is essential that we have a strategic plan and <br />we network with each other to ensure that projects are given the equitable and timely treatment needed. <br />Our group is composed o£ Senator Russell Ruderman, Hawaii State Senate, 2nd District; County <br />Representative Greggor Ilagan, Hawaii County Council, District 4; Bill Walter, President W.H. <br />Shipman, Ltd.; Mark Hinshaw, Chairperson, Pahoa Regional Town Center Plan; Dan Taylor, Vice <br />Chairperson, Puna Community Development Plan Action Committee; Kimo Lee, Director of <br />Development, W.H. Shipman, Ltd.; Bobby Command, Hawaii County Planning Department, Deputy <br />Director; Larry Brown, Hawaii County Planning Department, Project Manager PCDP; Marlene <br />Hapai, Chairperson, PCDP Subcommittee on Connectivity and Emergency Response; and Patti Pinto, <br />Chairperson, Puna Community Development Plan Action Committee. State Representative Richard <br />Onishi, District 3; and Hawaii County Council Representative Zendo Kern, District 5, were absent <br />from our last meeting. <br />At our meeting on September 25th we reviewed our priority lists and determined that all of us want to <br />advocate for releasing the funds for the feasibility study for a wastewater treatment facility in Pahoa <br />and additionally to release the funds to hire a planning consultant for the Pahoa Regional Town Center <br />Plan. <br />It is our belief that addressing the wastewater situation in Pahoa is of the highest priority and because <br />of its urgency and complexity; we need to begin our work as soon as possible. The first step is the <br />feasibility study; a CIP proposal has already been approved. Integral to that project is the hiring of a <br />planning consultant to assist the community in completing their plan and integrating the wastewater <br />treatment plan into their final document. (See attached CIP Project Data/Financial Impact Statements). <br />Hawai `i County is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer <br />