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Communication No. 2013 -63 <br />Progress Report to PCDP - Action Committee <br />for its October 8, 2013 meeting <br />Subject: Proposed Emergency Room in Pahoa Area <br />Background <br />On the AC's high priority list is the development of "a centrally - located, 24 -hour, full- service <br />medical facility, with trauma care, in Puna." (PCDP, Managing Growth 3.3) . The Puna <br />Community Medical Center (PCMC), which started with an urgent care clinic in the Pahoa <br />Marketplace in Feb. 2009, is working on expanding the physical facility and the healthcare <br />services it provides, by requesting a long -term lease of a 5 -acre parcel of State land on Hwy <br />130. The development will be done in phases, with the first phase being a free - standing <br />emergency room, complete with x -ray and clinical lab. Because the parcel is zoned agriculture, <br />PCMC has been going through the environmental review process as mandated by HRS Ch. 343. <br />Update <br />The Draft Environmental Assessment and Anticipated Finding of No Significant Impact (DEA- <br />AFNSI) has been completed and turned over to DLNR, for submittal to the Office of <br />Environmental Quality Control (DOH) to be published in the Oct. 23rd issue of The <br />Environmental Notice. It includes both a Botanical and an Archaeological Survey. PCMC is <br />waiting for confirmation of a room in the Pahoa Neighborhood Facility for a scoping meeting, at <br />which the proposal will be presented to the community at large and comments taken. There is <br />a 30 -day comment period. All comments will be responded to and included in the Final EA. <br />Copies of the draft, in either bound form or on CD have already gone out to our legislators, the <br />Hawaii County Planning Dept., local community associations in the service area, and are <br />available for public perusal at the Pahoa and Kea'au public libraries (a copy for the <br />Mountainview Library is being given to Sharon today with the request that she hand - deliver it). <br />More copies will be mailed within the next two weeks to relevant agencies. <br />PCMC has raised a little over half the money for the Environmental Assessments (both draft and <br />final) through fundraising events and private donations. Another $7,500 is being sought. <br />Malama O Puna is doing the EA for cost (est. $11- 15,000) compared with the standard $30,000 <br />it would be charged by a for - profit consultant. <br />Next Steps <br />We are confident that once the Final is completed we will be granted a FONSI (Finding of No <br />Significant Impact) and the 64 -year renewable lease - we are aiming for end of December 2013. <br />Once PCMC has the lease (= site control) we will be eligible for grants. Sen. Ruderman has <br />promised to help us get a State Grant -in -Aid and suggests we ask for at least $100,000. Since <br />the Architectural Plans and Permits alone are estimated at $78,000, we will include land <br />clearing and other initial costs in that grant proposal. We will also be requesting CDBG funding, <br />which is federal (HUD) and awards large amounts, about $300,000, for projects that meet <br />