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Communication No. 2013 -59 <br />October 1, 2013 <br />REPORT TO THE PCDP ACTION COMMITTEE from the <br />BUDGET SUBCOMMITTEE <br />We met 2 times in September. The first meeting Larry Brown provided <br />information about the status of our last CIP requests and the forms and <br />information we needed for the current year. We solicited input from the <br />Action Committee and the 4 planning groups: Mountain View, Volcano, <br />Pahoa and Kapono, as well as, HPP and the rural areas. Our goal was to <br />serve as broad a range as possible of the area covered by the PCDP, given <br />the time frame. <br />At the second meeting we divided up the potential budget requests <br />among the committee members. ,June: Consultant for HPP (CIP); Farris: <br />Apaa Rd. improvement (CIP), 91 1 Phone Kehena (General Operating), <br />Road Park on Hwy 137 (CIP), Walking- Biking Path on Hwy 137 (CIP); Oshi: <br />Post Office Rd. Extension (CIP) and a request about highway 132 <br />improvements and potentially a Mass transit request for additional <br />capacity for transportation of bicycles; Patti: Resubmittals of the <br />requests for a planning assistant (General Operating), a consultant for the <br />Mountain View plan (CIP) and volleyball equipment. <br />Attached are the completed requests. Additional requests may follow <br />next month. <br />Encl. Post Office Road Extension <br />Hwy 137 Biking /Walking Path Feasibility Study <br />Hwy 137 Road Setback parks - Mile markers 13 & 17 <br />Hwy 132 Shoulder Improvements <br />Apaa Street - Widening <br />Emergency (91 1) Phone at Kehena Beach Area <br />PREP Fair <br />Community Planning Assistant <br />Mt. View Volleyball Equipment <br />