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• 11 11 . I • 1 ►revzolm.11] <br />October 8, 2013 <br />To: Puna Community Development Plan Action Committee <br />From: Mark Hinshaw, Chair <br />Pahoa Regional Town Center Plan Steering Committee <br />RE: Progress Report on Pahoa Regional Town Center Plan <br />Our Steering Committee meetings continue to be every other Monday, 8 a.m. at Luquins in Pahoa. Dan Taylor <br />will be in China for the Month of October. We held our Fourth Community Meeting last month for public <br />review of our proposed Design Guidelines and Special District Designation Ordinance that we will be advancing <br />to the AC, Planning Director then County Council. We anticipate these Resolutions and Ordinances advancing <br />to the County Council by the end of the year. <br />Two months ago, we formed a Grant funding sub - committee to identify and record possible funding <br />opportunities for implementing the emerging Pahoa Plan. This will assist the Planning consultant in the <br />financing portion of the Plan. <br />Last month Planning Director Kanuha, April Surprenant, Larry Brown, Charlie Maas, Madie Greene and I did a <br />drive tour of Pahoa. We then discussed our ideas with them at a meeting in the Community Center. All were <br />very supportive. <br />Two weeks ago I met with Bill Walter, Senator Ruderman, Dan Taylor, Patti Pinto, Marlene Hapai, Larry Brown, <br />Councilmember Ilagan and assistant Planning Director Bobby Command to discuss top infrastructure priorities <br />for Puna. It was agreed by all that the most urgent need is to advance the Waste Water Treatment facility in <br />Pahoa. The EPA is already pressuring businesses into compliance. <br />We will be meeting with Mayor Kenoi on October 16th to provide him with an update on our progress. We are <br />pleased that at the table will be the Department heads of Planning, Parks and Recreation, Public Works and <br />Environmental Management. We will be advancing the following: <br />1. Waste -Water Treatment Feasibility Study -2013 CIP Approved $300k- Department of Environmental <br />Management <br />• EPA currently has issues with businesses <br />• Inhibits future growth <br />• Coordination with future road and water plans <br />2. Public Parking Lot and possible Village Road Realignment -2013 CIP Approved $3.259M- Department of <br />Public Works <br />• Lack of public parking in business district <br />• No availability to expand on street parking <br />• Loss of business <br />3. Pahoa Park and Post Office Road Extension- 2014 CIP Request - Department of Public Works and Parks <br />and Recreation <br />• Need additional access to regional park for increased traffic <br />• Public safety issues <br />