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PUNA CDP ACTION COMMITTEE <br />GENERAL OPERATING BUDGET REQUEST <br />FY 2014 -2015 <br />1. Community Development Plan: Puna <br />2. Budget Item Name /Project (1 per page): Volleyball System for Mountain View Gym <br />3. Budget Amount Requested: $ 5,714.00 Priority Ranking: <br />4. Expense Type: ® General Fund (materials, supplies, events, outreach, etc.); or <br />❑ Contract (Community Planning Asst., recorder, outside consultant, etc.) <br />5. Description: Durable and Portable Volleyball system for indoor use. Balls and locking ball <br />cart. <br />6. Justification: Mountain View Gym was closed for several years due to lead paint <br />contamination. Last year the gym was reopened and has rapidly become a vital location for <br />Mountain View area youth to participate in sports. This gymnasium program is in urgent <br />need of equipment to meet the increasing demands of the students using the facility. After <br />the years of vacancy, Mountain View Gym has had to replace nearly all of its equipment. <br />This volleyball system has been selected by the students and staff who use the gym as their <br />highest priority. <br />This request is consistent with the Puna Community Development Plan 3.5.3 "Provide <br />accessibility, playground and other improvements at Mountain View Community Park and <br />A.J. Watt Gym." <br />Bison Center Line Elite Volleyball Aluminum System $2,995.00 <br />Jaypro 4- Standard Volleyball Equipment Carrier 299.00 <br />Spalding floor sleeves (2) 365.00 <br />Spalding threaded floor anchors (2) 150.00 <br />Sensi -Tech white indoor volleyballs (12) 445.00 <br />Wire mesh ball cart /locker 210.00 <br />Shipping 250.00 <br />$4,714.00 <br />Installation Labor $1,000.00 <br />Total Installed Project $5,714.00 <br />Revised 7/12/2012 <br />