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PUNA CDP ACTION COMMITTEE <br />GENERAL OPERATING BUDGET REQUEST <br />FY 2014 -2015 <br />1. Community Development Plan: Puna <br />2. Budget Item Name /Project (1 per page): Community Planning Assistant <br />3. Budget Amount Requested: $20,000 Priority Ranking <br />4. Expense Type: <br />❑ General Fund (materials, supplies, events, outreach, etc.); or <br />® Contract (Community Planning Asst., recorder, outside consultant, etc.) <br />5. Description: A contract Community Planning Assistant to be hired to assist with the work of the <br />Puna Community Development Plan Action Committee in implementing the Plan, to assist <br />community groups, under the auspices of the PCDP Action Committee, in the development and <br />completion of Regional, Community and Neighborhood Village Center Plans. (See attached job <br />description) <br />6. Justification: Because of this diverse program of projects underway, the PCDP Action <br />Committee is in great need of support, particularly in the area of the Village Center Planning <br />groups. The PCDP Planning Department Program Manager is the sole member of the County <br />staff responsible for recording minutes, preparing minutes, research of required documentation, <br />agenda preparation, support document production, all PCDP Action Committee communications, <br />training of Action Committee members, advising the various project groups, documenting the <br />progress of the subcommittees in their work in completing the PCDP priority projects, liaising <br />with County officials and generally helping the Action Committee members to work together, <br />locate resources, successfully complete projects and present completed work to the appropriate <br />County Office. <br />The PCDP formerly had a Planning Assistant and a meeting recorder, which positions are no <br />longer funded. We have proposed that these two roles be combined and the additional <br />responsibility of assisting the Village Center Planning groups be added. The Puna Community <br />Development Plan Action Committee and our Program Manger are in great need of <br />administrative assistance in the person of a Community Planning Assistant. <br />