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PUNA CDP ACTION COMMITTEE <br />GENERAL OPERATING BUDGET REQUEST <br />FY 2014 -2015 <br />1. Community Development Plan: Puna <br />2. Budget Item Name /Project (1 per page): Puna Regional Emergency Preparedness Fair <br />3. Budget Amount Requested: $8,000 Priority Ranking: <br />4. Expense Type: ® General Fund (materials, supplies, events, outreach, etc.); or <br />❑ Contract (Community Planning Asst., recorder, outside consultant, etc.) <br />5. Description: The second annual Puna Regional Emergency Preparedness Fair is scheduled <br />for Saturday, August 30, 2014. As a collaborative effort between the Connectivity and <br />Emergency Response subcommittee of the PCDP Action Committee and the Hawaii County <br />Civil Defense Agency, the second annual PREP Fair will be an opportunity for Puna <br />residents to have further access to emergency preparedness information, training <br />opportunities and for the Action Committee and Civil Defense to gather more information <br />from the Puna residents. <br />6. Justification: The inaugural fair, held August 31, 2013, was a success that the public clearly <br />wants to have repeated. Expenses for the fair were under $5000 plus thousands of volunteer <br />hours and donations from community businesses. Debriefing after the 2013 fair has shown <br />areas where the Fair experience could be improved with the addition of greater funding. <br />Data collection and sharing from the Fair will provide several County agencies with <br />information not hitherto available. We intend to expand and fine tune the data collection in <br />the 2014 Fair and to focus on Community Association preparedness efforts. <br />The Puna Regional Emergency Preparedness Fair is a tremendous success that should be <br />properly funded. <br />Revised 7/12/2012 <br />