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Communication No. 2013 -58 <br />Puna Infrastructure Hui Meeting <br />September 25, 2013 1:30 pm <br />W. H. Shipman, Limited, 16 -523 Kea`au -Pahoa Road, Kea`au <br />In attendance: Bill Walter, Russell Ruderman, Mark Hinshaw, Dan Taylor, Bobby Command, <br />Greggor Ilagan, Larry Brown, Marlene Hapai, Kimo Lee, Patti Pinto <br />Absent: Zendo Kern, Richard Onishi, Faye Hanohano, Duane Kanuha <br />The agenda for this second meeting was to survey, review and discuss infrastructure projects <br />needed in Puna and see if we can select one or two as top priority projects and put our support <br />behind seeing the project become reality. <br />Proiects suggested <br />Regional Library Medical Center <br />Pohoiki Swim area Jobs in Puna <br />Roads in Puna (substandard and connecting) Food Production in Puna <br />Waste Water Treatment in Pahoa Mass Transit, Hub and Spoke <br />In addition to discussion of Puna's infrastructure needs, the greater question of how do we <br />collaborate between State Senate and House and County Representatives, the PCDP Action <br />Committee, County Planning Department and volunteer planning and activist groups in Puna. <br />As all projects will be done in a piece by piece manner, we need to have a strategic plan so that <br />we can prioritize the work that needs to be done and ensure that there is equitable and intelligent <br />allocation of improvements. There are several priority lists in play; can we synchronize them <br />with the PCDP Action Committee list? <br />Funding of projects was discussed. Improvement districts were suggested. We discussed the <br />importance of stakeholders demonstrating a willingness and ability to participate in the funding <br />of a project. <br />The concept of a shovel ready project was discussed. How do we present a project that is ready <br />to break ground? <br />Greggor reported that he had spent a week commuting on Hele On and had surveyed the riders. <br />He met with Tiffany Kai to discuss various suggestions for greater and more responsive service. <br />Greggor was encouraged to collaborate with the PCDP subcommittee on Mass Transit. <br />Puna roads were discussed and various means of funding improvements. <br />