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MASS TRANSIT Communication No. 2013 -56 <br />Subcommittee of the PCDP <br />Date: 9.10.13 <br />Members: steph b., dan t., russell j.,, jon o., june c., sharon d., terry d., marty m., ferry r., <br />mark h., hannah h. <br />Marty Mimmack, MTS Chair. <br />Madam chair, Mr. Brown and members of the action committee, on behalf of the MT subcommittee of the <br />PCDP, I'm here to transmit the meeting Notes for our meeting held on August 27th, 2013 at the Kea` au Com. <br />Cent. From now on we will not refer to them as MINUTES instead we will call them "meeting notes" to more <br />accurately reflect their content, intent and the fact that they were not generated under formal rules, such as <br />Roberts rules of order. <br />Also, from now on, I will be using, and I'll encourage my subcommittee members to use, the following standard <br />editing nomenclature: 1. parenthesis ( ) for suggested deletions and 2. underscore for additions. This is an effort <br />to increase communication, transparency and tracking of changes. <br />We also now have our Members Roster and each meeting's attendance noted for your reference. For this <br />meeting the Notes were recorded by Hannah Hedrick and edited be me. They are on the back of this pa for <br />your reference. Because of attendance difficulties, the committee is looking for a volunteer that can to lvt� <br />Meeting Notes when Hannah is away. <br />There were a few highlights that are relevant. <br />1. The subcommittee decided to go back to MTA Administrator Tiffany Kai with a letter requesting more <br />information regarding the decision making criteria MTA uses for establishing infrastructure, bus stops and new <br />routes.) The communication will also ask for related policies, route -level ridership data and statistics, and other <br />current proposals pertinent to implementation of the PCDP Mass transit priorities. <br />2. Additionally, we discussed Hawaii County Council Bill 108, that at the time was at the committee level <br />concerning the issuance of ANNUAL PASSES and other discounted bus rider passes for students, seniors and <br />disabled. I personally testified "in favor" of the bill since it contained some long desired improvements to bus <br />fare structures. One of our members is an experienced bus driver and is working on this issue and Oreggor <br />Ilagan, who initially voted NO along with Mr. Yoshimoto has stepped up to make amendments that would <br />eliminate the ANNUAL PASSES, because of concerns over theft and fraud, and further reduce monthly costs <br />for students, seniors and disabled from 45 to 30 dollars a month. This Bill has advanced to Council as of August <br />20th. The subcommittee plans on testifying about the bill as a group. <br />3. We are continuing to gather information on the current federal funding initiative for mass transit named <br />MAP -21 on the FTA website. Rusty Jones, one of our subcommittee members is working on behalf of Mark <br />Hinshaw's groups to develop a set of reference materials that the County of Hawaii might tap to help expand <br />our hele -on bus service. Through discussion with elected representatives, Jon Olson, discovered that there is a <br />sever lack of any personnel on the State Level that cold answer the phone on federal grant matters concerning <br />the Millions of dollars we should be applying for. Of course that is only a phone call that won't be made <br />because there is no one at the county level to make the call. <br />4. The Subcommittee is following up on our request to have Councilmember Kern attend one of our meeting so <br />we can discuss his plans to have a Kea "ua bus terminal on the Shipman Park side of Highway 11. <br />