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Communication No. 2013 -55 <br />PCDP Subcommittee on Connectivity and Emergency Response <br />Meeting — August 27, 2013 Keaau Community Center <br />MINUTES <br />Call to Order: 5:42 p.m. <br />In attendance: Dan Taylor, Patti Pinto, Farris Etterle, Hannah Hendrick, Chris Cholas, <br />Patrice Mcdonald, Stepanie Bath, Marlene Hapai, Chair <br />Approval of Minutes as Circulated: Moved, Stephanie Bath. Seconded, Dan Taylor. <br />Unanimously approved. <br />Old Business: <br />Update on Puna Regional Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Fair (8/31/13) <br />1. Facilities and Planning — Keaau HS area to be used: Gym, <br />Cafetorium, Locker Rooms, Band Room, Covered Playcourt, <br />Covered Walkways, Classrooms, Grassy Area and Parking <br />Lots. Areas mapped out for all participants — Marlene Hapai, <br />Bill Hanson <br />2. Communications — Schedule sent out to Presenters and <br />Exhibitors August 19th allowing time to trouble shoot any <br />concerns, followed up with phone calls that week. (Patti Pinto, <br />Hannah Hedrick, Marlene Hapai, Bill Hanson) <br />Fundraising /Sponsors — Marlene Hapai, Patti Pinto, Jerry <br />Reiss, Bill Hanson, Stephanie Bath — requests out to local <br />businesses and Puna Councilmen, 9 businesses contacted (over <br />60), response rate (Over 50 %) <br />4. Program — schedule for the day, written program with map of <br />campus (building/keys), participating sponsors, information on <br />major sponsors, major sponsors to present prizes — Marlene <br />Hapai, Marty Mimmack, Bill Hanson <br />5. Publicity — Marlene Hapai, Jerry Reiss, Marty Mimmack, Bill <br />Hanson <br />3 Articles to Leigh Critchlow — All published. General article <br />published 7/4/13, second article submitted on 7/13 workshop <br />published August 2nd, third article on bags for giveaways <br />published August 16th). <br />Have applied 3:2:1 strategy as we have drawn closer, ie., 3 <br />weeks before, 2 weeks before, 1 week before: especially HI. <br />Tribune Herald Calendar (began 4 weeks before event) and <br />