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Communication No. 2013-52 <br /> m <br /> MASS TRANSIT <br /> Subcommittee of the PCDP <br /> C $&Qrt to PCDP Action Com m ittu <br /> Date: 8.13.13 <br /> Members- steph b., marlene h.,dan t., russell j.,jon o.,June c., sharon d.,terry d., marty m.,jerry r., <br /> mark h., hannah h. <br /> Madam chair, Mr. Brown and members of the action committee, on behalf of the MT subcommittee of the <br /> PCDP, I'm here to transmit the meeting minutes for our meeting held on July 23, 2013 at the Kea'au Com. <br /> Cent. <br /> For this meeting the minutes were recorded and written be me. They are attached for your reference. Recently, <br /> we had a leadership change and a recorder was not available in time. This vacancy should not continue very <br /> long. One of our subcommittee members suggested that they record the meeting to create a more accurate <br /> record. <br /> There were a few highlights that are relevant. <br /> 1. Attached is the report of our meeting with MTA Administrator Tiffany Kai. <br /> 2. Kristin Hashimoto from Greggor Ilagan's office attended the meeting. She was receptive to the request that <br /> the PCDP and its subcommittees be made aware of critical actions related to development matters in Puna <br /> especially concerning mass transit and its impact on the village centers. She also encouraged continuation of the <br /> collaborative model that is beginning to take shape between disparate interested community groups and <br /> leadership officials. <br /> 3. We are continuing to gather information on the current federal funding initiative for mass transit named <br /> MAP-21 on the FTA website. Rusty Jones, one of our subcommittee members is working on behalf of Mark <br /> Hinshaw's groups to develop a set of reference materials that the County of Hawaii might tap to help expand <br /> our hele-on bus service. <br /> 4. There were several operational difficulties that need to be worked out by the subcommittee. As I understand, <br /> subcommittees are not bound by the strict rules of conduct that action committee members must abide by. Since <br /> there are action committee members on our subcommittee, this creates an awkward situation with different <br /> subcommittee members having different expectations and needs. In the corning months we hope we can <br /> alleviate this discrepancy to help restore structure, efficiency and productivity. <br /> 5. Stephanie Bath requested that she step down as co-chair of the Mas Transit Subcommittee. <br /> Thanks for your time and efforts. Respectuful ly submitted. If you have any questions, I'm available at your <br /> convenience. Aloha. <br />