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Communication No. 2013 -51 <br />Dear PCDP Action Committee, <br />the discrepancy between the two draft letters shows the discrepancy that we have in our <br />community on this issue between SPACE and affected neighbors. <br />Neither recommending to deny granting the amendment nor endorsing it completely is the <br />solution for us. <br />In our eyes 12 performances + 12 fundraisers + 24 community /private events which sums <br />up to 100 events might mean that there will be hardly a quiet weekend for the neighbors <br />anymore. <br />That and the traffic of about 1700 more vehicles a month is what we don't find <br />appropriate for a residential neighborhood. <br />Please remember too that every Saturday there is the Farmer's Market already with <br />traffic starting at 7am when the vendors come until fpm when the last vendors leave. <br />Our effort has been to get a dialogue going between Space and it's neighbors to achieve a <br />compromise both sides can live with. <br />For that reason we initiated a meeting between SPACE and neighbors which took place on <br />April 30th. where we were heard but did not achieve a compromise. <br />After that we contacted the Action Committee and we are thankful that you took your <br />time to hear us and afterwards SPACE as well. <br />On Sunday we had an association meeting with Richard and LJ from Kalani about their <br />suggestion of a waterline and road next to the east side of 5eaview. <br />On Sunday, August 25th, we will have another association meeting to which Jenna was <br />invited to speak about Space's amendment. <br />Mark Hinshaw will postpone the meeting he suggested between Zendo Kern, Space and <br />5eaview neighbors and himself until after our association meeting. <br />We think it would be best if the PCDP Action Committee waited with their final draft for <br />the Planning Department and Planning Commission until any possible changes to the <br />amendment are in place and have been submitted by SPACE. <br />Mahalo, <br />David and Uschi 5nover <br />