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Communication No. 2013 -34 <br />as l�o�► IoftL <br />TMVWBI clum <br />PO Bog 5" • PAhoa ffi 96778 PALoaPlan@gm$ <br />July I, 2013 <br />Ms. Patti Pinto, Chair <br />and Members of the Puna Community Development Plan Action Committee <br />Subject: Pahoa Town Center Design Guidelines <br />Resolution to Adopt Pahoa Town Design Guidelines <br />County Ordinance to Establish Pahoa Town District <br />Dear Ms, Pinto and Members of the Committee, <br />On July I, 2013 the Pahoa Regional Town Center Steering Committee voted to <br />approve the <br />attached Guidelines, Resolution and Ordinance. We request your approval of these documents <br />and that the Action Committee forward them on to the Planning Director for adoption. <br />These documents represent over 18 months of surveying the communi ty� researchin g <br />and <br />compiling the results of community su, Pehoa pro perty owners and input from the Planning <br />rveys p <br />DePartmeut. We will be hosting our fourth community event later this month where, we <br />will <br />gather final input from the community then request that the County Council ado them in <br />pt to <br />Ordinance. <br />RespectfiillY Submitted, <br />/U&L /r44� <br />Mark Hinshaw, Chair, on behalf of <br />Pahoa Regional Town Center Steering Committee <br />Gilbert Aguinaldo <br />Charles Maas <br />Raleo Francisco <br />Jon Olson <br />Madie Greene <br />Oshi Simseria n <br />Mark Hinshaw <br />Rme Siracusa <br />Russell Jones <br />Dan Taylor <br />