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Communication No. 2013 -44 <br />From: Michele [mailto:micheledavid7l] <br />Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2013 12:19 AM <br />To: (brown <br />Subject: My testimony in favor of SPACE <br />Aloha PCDP Action Committee Members, My name is Michele David. I am currently a graduate <br />student studying sustainable development through Hawaii Pacific University. I am also the <br />treasurer of KAPONO, a board member of the Hawaii Sustainable Community Alliance and the <br />intern for the Pahoa Regional Town Planning Committee. I have been renting a home directly <br />across the street from SPACE for almost a year. I have another year lease starting September <br />1st. I also have expressed interest to the out of state owners that I would like to purchase the <br />home, or I will be seeking to buy a home adjacent or near to SPACE. I specifically sought to live <br />near SPACE and I pay a premium to do so. My property manager and a local realtor (whom has <br />a booth at SPACE) both assert that homes near SPACE hold greater value. <br />My 13 year old son and I have flourished this past year due to the community of friends we have <br />found through the diverse activities at SPACE. My only complaint is that there are not more <br />activities and events to stimulate further community relationships. My son attended the Kula <br />Kalapana school held at SPACE. It was wonderful to be able to just send him across the street to <br />school, and even more so for him to be able to attend after - school performing arts classes there. <br />He has been somewhat introverted and not very athletic, but now because of the classes at <br />SPACE he has greater self - confidence and comfort from being part of a performing arts <br />community group. I also frequently vend at the farmers market and I do the majority of my <br />weekly food shopping there. SPACE market is the highlight of our week. We love hearing our <br />community in action - nourishing themselves with food and fun, and for the local vendors to earn <br />their livelihood. It is very disconcerting that this committee is considering not supporting <br />SPACE's special permit application. I feel that it is a direct attack on me, my son, my friends, <br />and the larger community that loves SPACE. <br />The KAPONO survey is overall favorable to SPACE -the question regarding services that are <br />desired and the question regarding a neighborhood village center have a lot of positive comments <br />about SPACE already providing necessary community services. <br />There is also not one negative comment regarding SPACE when the survey asked for open <br />commentary regarding improvements needed to the KAPONO area. I am home (across the road <br />from SPACE) most of the day and every evening studying and I have not been disturbed one bit <br />by the activities there. I also feel that it is absurd that the proposed letter states that SPACE <br />does not fit in the CDP village center profile when this area does not even have 3,000 residents. <br />However, this area is growing and what SPACE provides is actually what they are looking for: <br />an embryonic version of a village center located in a conforming sub - division (See chapter 5.2.2 <br />and table 5 -1 In the Puna CDP). Maybe when Seaview is built out, then there will enough people <br />to qualify for a village center, but for now SPACE is part of 3 centers serving this area: SPACE, <br />KALANI, and Uncle Robert's. If these 3 were not functioning, then the whole KAPONO area <br />would be lacking in community services even more than it is, thus we need SPACE to fulfill the <br />needs of our small but growing village! <br />