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William P. Kenos ■ ■,, <br />w �, �${ '.e Duane Kanuha <br />Mayor ■ Ww _ten ��I.�■ Director <br />2 # <br />r <br />Bobby Command <br />nd <br />Deputy Director <br />West Hawaii Office Fast. Hawai `i Office <br />74-5044 .one Keohokalole Hwy 101 Pauahi street, Suite 3 <br />Kailua -Kona, Hawaii 96740 Coun of Hawaii I i <br />Hilo, Hawal i 95720 <br />Phone (808) 323 -4770 Phone (808) 961 -8288 <br />Fax (808) 327 --3563 PLANNING DEPARTMENT Fax (808) 961 -8742 <br />Sent via email -- no hard copy to bllow. <br />Communication No. 2013 -43 <br />MEMORANDUM <br />TO: Cultural Resources Commission <br />HAmAkua CDP Steering Committee <br />Ka` h CDP Steering Committee <br />Kailua village Design Commission <br />Kona CDP Action Committee <br />North Kohala CDP Action Committee <br />Puna CDP ,diction Committee <br />,outh Ko la CDP Action Committee <br />FROM: ne Ka uha, Planning Director <br />DATE: July 22, 2013 <br />SUBJECT: Invitation to Attend the HCPO Conference <br />On September 18-20, 2013, this year's Hawai-i Congress of planning Officials (HCPO) <br />conference, Papa ©'olala — Ancient wisdom meets Modem. Technology Planning will be held <br />in Kona at the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa at K.eauhou Bay. The purpose of this annual <br />conference, which is held on various islands, is to educate Planning Commissioners, planning <br />professionals and developers from all Hawaiian Islands, on changing needs and trends for future <br />planning. This year's focus is on preserving ancient :Hawaiian concepts and resources while <br />using modern sciences to effectuate creative, sustainable growth. <br />As a show of appreciation for your countless volunteer hours, we would like to extend an <br />invitation to two members of each Commission/Committee to attend the conference free of <br />charge. .Additional members may attend at a reduced rate of $225.00 per person. At your own <br />cost will be hotel accommodations, if needed and any optional tours /activities. <br />Please be advised, since your fellow Commissioners /Members will be in attendance at the HCPO <br />conference, we wish to remind you that your conduct throughout your attendance is subject to <br />the State's Sunshine Law where discussions, deliberations and decisions on any platter that is or <br />may appear before you must be conducted at your scheduled meetings that is open to the public. <br />The Sunshine Law prohibits interactions between three or more Commissioners/Members at any <br />given time outside of your scheduled meetings to discuss matters or issues that may come before <br />. o is u Opportunity Pry iaer a r o yer � <br />