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Communication No. 2013 -39 <br />Testimony submitted to PCDP Action Committee 719113 <br />From: Jenna way, Executive Director, Hawaii's Volcano Circus (HVC) <br />Subject: Amendment to Special Permit No. 1122 (Docket No. 01-000013) <br />Applicant: Hawaii's Volcano Circus, Ltd. <br />Request: Amendments to SPP 1122 to Establish a Self - Sustainable Community Arts and <br />Education Center Demonstration Model, Including a Farmer's Market, Allow Pub- <br />lic/Fundraiser Performances and a Certified Kitchen <br />Location: The properties are located within and adjacent to the west side of Kalapana Sea <br />View Estates subdivision near the intersection of 'Vest Pohakupele Loop and Ke- <br />hauopuna Street, Puna, Hawaii, TMIK: 1 -2 -009: 034 and 1 -2 -038: 0500 <br />Members of the Action Committee, <br />I am Jenna Way, a Seaview resident, as well as the Executive Director of Hawaii's Volcano Circus. I am <br />very grateful for this opportunity to clarify and correct misinformation and misunderstanding regarding <br />the special permit application for the Seaview Performing Arts Center for Education ("S.P.A.C.E."). <br />First off, I would like to address the comment in your draft letter to the Planning Director where it <br />states that HVC is "operating more like a business than a community service." Frankly, I was confused <br />when I read this. I thought to myself, "How could someone say that about us ?" I believe that if you <br />understand the scope of what we do with our very limited resources, you can see that we are an <br />outstanding service to our community. <br />Personally, I hold a Master's in Business Administration from oxford Brookes University in England <br />and worked for ten years on Wall Street. Before that, I worked in finance in other industries. From my <br />perspective as an individual with many years of business experience, I can tell you that HVC is most <br />certainly not operating like a for - profit business. <br />I have been Executive Director for Hawaii's Volcano Circus for seven years and was a volunteer for <br />two years prior to that. For the past nine years I have witnessed and been responsible for several other <br />organizations' business decisions. No for - profit business would or could operate as we have been. <br />At HVC, we live to serve. In fact, it's all about service! Every person that contributes at SPACE feels <br />passionately about our work. Everything from our mission, which is "to creatively promote sustainable <br />local community in Puna Makai," to our actions, which reflect our service to the community. <br />We serve the community at our weekly farmers' market. The market's mission is "to promote <br />sustainability as a vital part of the local economy." This initiative provides a safe, village -based <br />marketplace for the community to buy and sell goods and services. The market serves our local <br />economy - vendors are limited to selling only local products and services, which is defined as being <br />produced on the Big Island. We assist in the creation and maintenance of a healthy local economy <br />where the community can provide for ourselves and limit our reliance on imported goods. <br />Community members and tourists come to share conversation, enjoy live music (when we were <br />allowed to offer entertainment), and shop among local wares ranging from adornments to homemade <br />soaps to fresh fruits and vegetables; all handmade or grown and sold directly by the Big Island's artists <br />