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July 9, 20139 <br />Alexis Lee, H H P <br />To the Puna CDP Action Committee, <br />.86 �4s4 463$ <br />a6� 0l3 <br />Communication No. 2013 -38 <br />I am a longtime member of Bellyacres, an educator, and also a member of the <br />Kapono Steering Committee who drafted the Community Survey that was held this <br />past year. We took great pains to not have questions slanted in any parties favor. <br />The Top 12 answers to the 26t'' question on the survey, <br />"What Features would you support in our community ?" Are as follows: <br />1. Farmers Market 71 % - started in answer to the community. This supports an <br />array of local businesses, supports sustainability by keeping money within the <br />community, by not having to drive long distance for food supplies, thus saving on <br />car /gas. <br />2. Food co -op /Groceries 55.8% - -Part of SPACE market <br />3. Community Meeting Place 52.1 % -Part of SPACE <br />4. Community Bulletin Board 47.9 % - -Part of SPACE <br />5. Emergency Shelter designation 45.9% - though not officially designated as such, <br />the SPACE building is engineered to survive 140mph winds, thus could support this <br />need. <br />6. Fire Department 45.9% <br />7. Outdoor Event Area 442% - -Part of SPACE as well as a kids playground <br />8. Public Restrooms 43.9% - -Part of SPACE <br />9. Free recycle /Barter Center 43.9% - -Part of SPACE <br />19. Entertainment Area 1 Performance Theater 43.6% - -Part of SPACE <br />As you see by this list, SPACE has 8 out of the top 10 items desired by our local <br />community. At what point do you let the minority of adversaries dictate what the <br />majority requests? <br />SPACE desires to be a good neighbor. In response to noise complaints - I do not <br />think the complainers are aware that we voluntarily lowered the decibel level long <br />ago to belowthe legal limit in Agricultural zoning which is what Seaview falls under. <br />Your letter stating there is "overwhelming negative testimony from nei hbors$$ is a <br />gross misleading of the integrity of Truth, <br />0 <br />Sincerely, <br />Alexis Lee, H H P <br />Al <br />4 W5 <br />