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Maura K. Herlihy, Farmers Market Manager <br />SeaView Performing Arts Center for Education <br />12 -427 Pohakupele Loop Road, Pahoa, Hi 96778 <br />market (808)965 -8756 <br />Communication No. 2013 -36 <br />Office Hours: Tuesday 9a -1p Saturday 6a -2p <br />County of Hawaii <br />Planning Department & Puna CDP Action Committee <br />Aupuni Center, 101 Pauahi Street, Suite 3, Hilo, Hawaii 96720 <br />N TESTIMONY to County of Hawaii Planning Dept, and Puna CDP Action Committee <br />re: PCDP Meeting July 9, 2013 Agenda Item Unfinished Business #1 <br />To Whom it may Concern, <br />My name is Maura Herlihy. I started working at the SeaView Performing Arts Center for Education in <br />.. g <br />June 2012 as the administrative assistant to the Market Manager and began serving as Market Manager <br />in g g g ger <br />in September 2012, amidst the the Special Use Permit process currently being discussed b the Puna <br />. Y g y <br />CDP Action Committee. I have a degree in Community Development and Applied Economics from <br />. PP the <br />University of Vermont, have lived in Kalapana for 12 years, and am actively involved in the local non- <br />. Y <br />profit and for - profit business sectors in lower Puna. <br />The Hawaii Volcanoes Circus (HVC) is the 501c3 non - profit organization that operates the Seavi <br />. g p ew <br />Performing Arts Center for Education (SPACE). HVC is designated as a 501c3 non-profit organization <br />g p <br />by the IRS because the work perform is considered to be beneficial to the community the y y federal <br />government. In reading the PCDP draft letter to Duane Kanuha, Planning Director dated July 9 2013 <br />with the subject title Amendment to Special Permit No. 1122 (SUP), it becomes evident that an l . old <br />version of the SUP amendment has been reviewed and the neighbors who gave testimony failed to <br />mention the ways in which HVC Executive Director Jenna Way, her staff, and volunteers have reached <br />out to them and acted upon their concerns. Namely: <br />1) A community meeting was called by Jenna Way and announced at the Kala ana SeaView <br />Estates Community Association's Annual Meeting in April 2013 as an invitation to residents to <br />express their concerns regarding the special use permit <br />2) The meeting was held the following week at SPACE, to hear and address SeaView Estates <br />resident concerns <br />3) Following the meeting, Jenna Way met with resident Uschi Snover, one on one to further <br />address Uschi's personal concerns with the amendment <br />4) The following concerns have been addressed in the following manner: <br />1. speeding -- drive slow signs have been placed along Mapuana Avenue, Pohaku ele Loop, <br />P, <br />and Kehauopuna Street to mitigate impacts of the Saturday Market; more signs are being <br />g <br />re- painted to more clearly display Drive Slow along the roads as patrons exit <br />2. traffic -- an improved traffic impact analysis report is being performed based on the <br />guidance of the Department of Public Works, the Transportation Research Board's most <br />recent Highway Capacity Manual, and the U.S. Department of Transportation's Manual on <br />Uniform Traffic Control Devices, to arrive at a quantifiable assessment of traffic impacts <br />and arrive at appropriate mitigation measures/actions necessary <br />3. noise -- HVC has been pledged $30k to improve sound proofing and a professional sound <br />. P <br />proofing design has been developed for installation; the pledged donation will be allotted to <br />HVC once the SUP process is completed <br />4. subdivision resident input- 3 residents that attended the community meetin g mentioned <br />page 1 of 2 <br />