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NEIL ABERCROMBIE <br />GOVERNOR <br />° fi JV <br />7. <br />i <br />�. <br />STATE OF HAWAII <br />DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION <br />889 PUNCHBOWL STREET <br />HONOLULU, HAWAII 98813 -8897 <br />June 10, 2013 <br />Mr. LJ Bates III <br />Kalani Honua, Inc. <br />12 -6860 Kapoho- Kalapana Road <br />Pahoa, Hawaii 96778 <br />Dear Mr. Bates: <br />GLENN M. OKIMOTO <br />DIRECTOR <br />Deputy Directors <br />JADE T. BUTAY <br />FORD N. FUCHIGAMI <br />RANDY GRUNE <br />JADINE URASAKI <br />IN REPLY REFER TO: <br />HWY -PA <br />2.4895 <br />Communication No. 2013 -31 <br />Subject: Acceptance of Nomination for Proposed Hawaii Scenic Byway: <br />HWY 137 — The Red Road <br />On behalf of the Hawaii Department of Transportation Highways Division, I am pleased to <br />inform you that your Hawaii Scenic Byway nomination application for "HWY 13 7 - The Red <br />Road," submitted on April 30, 2013, has been approved, with Kalani Honua, Inc. as the Scenic <br />Byway Sponsor. <br />This approval represents a commitment by your organization, as Scenic Byway Sponsor, to <br />convene a Local Byway Committee to prepare an application for designation of "HWY 137 - <br />The Red Road" as a Hawaii Scenic Byway. This application includes necessary documentation <br />regarding: the formation of your Local Byway Committee, a proposed work plan and budget, and <br />a schedule for completing a Corridor Management Plan (CMP) for this byway. If the application <br />for State designation is approved, you may then begin the preparation of the CMP. An approved <br />CMP is required to maintain the Hawaii Scenic Byway designation. <br />Please confirm in writing, by June 30, 2013, Kalani Honua's willingness to commit to the State <br />Designation application process by contacting Dave Zevenbergen, State Scenic Byways <br />Coordinator, at (808) 587 -6357 or by email at David.L.Zevenbergen@, Upon receipt <br />of your written confirmation, we will be pleased to send you the State designation application <br />packet and to schedule a designation training/Q &A workshop in Pahoa at a mutually convenient <br />date and time. <br />In order to strengthen your submission, the State Scenic Byways Advisory Committee and the <br />State Scenic Byways Coordinator have recommended that Kalani Honua, Inc. submit the <br />following in advance of the Hawaii Island meeting/workshop: <br />A two- directional video with audio that represents an uninterrupted drive from the <br />beginning of the byway to the end, and then reversed. <br />