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Communication No. 2013 -30 <br />PCDP Subcommittee on Connectivity and Emergency Response <br />Meeting —June 4, 2013 Keaau Community Center <br />MINUTES <br />Call to Order: 5:40 p.m. <br />In attendance: Patti Pinto, Dan Taylor, Stephanie Bath, Marty Mimmack, Hannah <br />Hendrick, Jerry Rheiss, Marlene Hapai, Chair <br />Approval of Minutes as Circulated: Moved by Patti Pinto, seconded by Dan Taylor, <br />unanimously approved. <br />Old Business: <br />Update on Emergency Response Mapping Workshops <br />• HPP June 30th General Meeting — awaiting confirmation <br />• Problem with scheduling and Board meetings as venue not leaving <br />sufficient time for workshop <br />• Recommended alternative: invite all subdivision and other Puna non - <br />subdivision areas CERT and /or emergency response personnel and any <br />other interested residents to a training workshop to prepare them for <br />fair make and take sessions. Dates set for July 13, 2013, 10:00 a.m. - <br />Noon for Volcano with facility to be determined and August 3, 2013 <br />for Keaau same time with Keaau Community Center as potential <br />venue (confirmed on June 5th). <br />2. Update on Puna Regional Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Fair <br />• Review of Updated PREP Fair Planning Document <br />1. Need to confirm 501 c -3 to assist with financial portion of fair. <br />2. Presently V OAD (Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster) <br />associated directly with FEMA is meeting to consider serving <br />in this capacity. <br />3. A motion was made by Patti Pinto, seconded by Stephanie <br />Bath and unanimously approved to have Marlene Hapai <br />formalize a financial agreement with VOAD should their board <br />approve serving in this capacity. <br />Need for Core Co- Chairs /Participants (2 -3 people for each major area <br />of concern) <br />Recommended areas: <br />1. Facilities and Planning — site mapping for all activities, <br />communication with Keaau HS — Marlene Hapai, Bill Hanson <br />2. Communications — Invitations to Presenters, track responses <br />including needs for the day (Patti Pinto, Hannah Hendrick, <br />Marlene Hapai) — Hannah recommended use of Internet. <br />Also recommended that an article be sent to the Hawaii <br />Tribune Herald inviting participants. Stephanie is to check <br />