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'•: 'k' * 1 tit r"` -ar <br />I INVIRONUtNTAL 2: 19 <br />phone: (808) 938 -8583 fax: (808) 775 -1530 P.O. Box 1310 Honoka`a, Hawaii 96720 <br /> <br />Patti Pinto Chair Communication No. 2013 -29 <br />Puna CDP Action Committee <br />County of Hawaii Planning Department <br />101 Pauahi Street, Suite 3 <br />Hilo, Hawaii 96720 <br />May 14, 2013 <br />Dear Ms. Pinto: <br />Subject: Comments on Draft Environmental Assessment (DEA) for B.T. <br />Kuwahara Private Commercial Development and Related Use of <br />State Land, Pahoa, Island of Hawaii, TMIK (3'd) 1- 5- 007:006, 055, <br />069 & 070. <br />Thank you very much for your comments regarding this Draft Environmental <br />Assessment. We appreciate that you and the Puna CDP Action Committee are interested <br />in this proposed project. <br />We understand that you are advocating for a roundabout at the Kahakai Boulevard -Pahoa <br />Village Road intersection. Construction of such an intersection would be beyond the <br />abilities of the applicant in this case, as it would occupy lands owned by no less than six <br />landowners, including the State, County, and four private landowners. Therefore, this is <br />not a feasible alternative for the applicant. And, a signalized intersection here is predicted <br />to maintain traffic LDS over a 20 -year timeline. we have added a discussion of this issue <br />to the Environmental Assessment. <br />We understand that the proposed roundabout construction at the Pahoa Bypass -Pahoa <br />Village Road intersection has the potential to conflict with construction of the proposed <br />project's roadway improvements. The applicant will ensure that the two projects will not <br />conflict and will not occur at the same time. More recent information from HDDT <br />suggests that the Pahoa Bypass -Pahoa Village Road intersection roundabout may not <br />begin construction before mid -2014. <br />As stated in the Draft Environmental Assessment, the Traffic Impact Analysis Report <br />assumes both a 1% and 2% annual increase in traffic. A 2% increase over ten years <br />implies an increase of about 20 %, reasonable close to the 24.5% increase in population <br />085208 <br />