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Communication No. 2012 -57.7 <br />Hawaii County Planning Department <br />101 Pauahi St, Ste 3 <br />Hilo, HI 96720 <br />Planning Dept.: <br />Please consider the following comments and suggestions regarding the Hawaii <br />Volcano Circus, Ltd. Special Permit 1122 Amended Permit Application. I am a Very <br />close neighbor of the land owned by HVC and in particular the pavilion and the <br />parking lot. I only very recently paid (through your office) for a copy of the <br />proposed amendment to SP 11220 <br />As a neighbor I am very concerned about the impacts to myself and all the other <br />neighbors of Kalapana Seaview Estates that would be experienced should the permit <br />be granted as requested. The permit application calls for 18 events per month not <br />including rehearsals and "other occasional events ". These monthly events include <br />(based on a 4 -week month) 1 performance, 4 nightly bazaars, 4 Saturday markets, l <br />fundraiser, and 8 evening meals. These events in and of themselves are great and I <br />understand why so many support them; however, it is different when your home is <br />in audible range of these (proposed) continual activities. Many people here in <br />Seaview purchased our homes in this rural and out of the way place to enjoy quiet, <br />the natural environment, the night sky, and a peaceful lifestyle. The past year has <br />been relatively peaceful with the exception of the Saturday market. others and <br />myself utilize and appreciate the farmer's market and the noise and traffic it <br />generates is worth it. <br />However, to expect us to be subjected to >18 events each month is unreasonable in <br />my opinion and will certainly change the character of the neighborhood as things (at <br />HVC) currently exist. The pavilion is wide open and amplified sound emanating from <br />it travels far and wide. The driveways (which are right across the street from my <br />home) in Seaview are graveled and very noisy every single Vehicle entering and <br />exiting is heard at my house. These two factors should be required to be altered and <br />thus noise impacts mitigated before this permit amendment is even considered for <br />approval. <br />I was surprised to read some of the language in the permit application (no page <br />numbers so I cannot give it for reference) including a description of "tests" and an <br />"ongoing dialogue with our neighbors" and "numerous and extensive consultations.. <br />with neighbors" as this N R happened with myself. There was one meeting with <br />their lawyers regarding the proposed lease of State land and that is all the <br />communication HVC has ever had with me. This is disappointing and makes us <br />(neighbors) wonder if there is any real intention on their part to "work with us ". I <br />was also surprised to hear of their "advisory committee" and neighbor liaison as I <br />have never heard of this or had any contact with this group /person. <br />