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Communiction No. 2013 -28 <br />REPORT -- 5/14/13 <br />Speaker: Marty Mimmack, Co -Chair of the Mass Transit Subcommittee of the <br />PCDP Action Committee. <br />Madam chair, Mr. Brown and members of the action committee, on behalf of the <br />MT subcommittee of the PCDP, it is an honor to transmit the meeting minutes for <br />our April 23rd meeting and get a clarification on your position regarding the letter <br />this body sent to tiffany kai, dated March 14th. <br />Regarding transmittal of the minutes, the minutes were recorded and written my <br />co -chair steph. Bath then submitted to me for edits and formatting. A personal <br />side note is that this meeting was the first of the monthly meetings that I served <br />as the newly elected co- chair. The March meeting is when I was chosen. <br />As you can see we had a well- attended meeting rich in discussion and input. <br />Noted attendees were marlene hapai and mattie green as observers. Also <br />welcomed, mark hinshaw -- pahoa RTC, jon Olson - CTC, rusty jones and june <br />conant as our new members. Absent were Jerry Reiss and Hannah Hedrick. <br />The meeting had a substantial period dedicated to hearing from the new <br />members about their activities on their respective committees and giving a <br />summary of their current issues of importance. Many of the subjects are reflected <br />in the minutes for your review. As you can see with 1VIT there is a massive plate <br />of spaghetti -like interdependent needs forming a complicated puzzle difficult to <br />solve in puna because the population is widely dispersed for the roughly 909 sq, <br />miles of territory attempting to be covered. <br />The second item we are here for is to get a clarification and/or reclarification <br />regarding follow -up on the letter to Tiffany Kai about our request that hele -on <br />implement a hubnspoke networking system for puna. First, we want to thank the <br />AC for working with us to send this letter because, in the 2008 PCDP, many <br />concerned citizens requested this system replace the current "rural route" <br />methodology. Specifically, we want to know what follow -up steps you may want <br />us to take. As your subcommittee, we serve at the pleasure of the PCDP and <br />should act under your direction on this matter. Since the letter did not ask for any <br />kind of follow -up, the subcommittee would like a clarification on this. If so, how <br />and who should make contact. Because the communication was on official <br />county letterhead, it makes good business sense that the signatory of the letter <br />do the follow -up. Alternatively, there has been a great deal of talk about a small <br />group from the subcommittee asking for a face to face meeting with ms. Kai_ <br />FYI: here is a list of websites I consulted to learn more about hub n spoke system <br />and how it could by applied here. <br />