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Communication No. 2012 -57.6 <br />28 March 2013 <br />County of Hawaii <br />Planning Director <br />Hilo, Hawaii <br />To Whom It May Concern <br />Dear sir or Madam, <br />1 am sending this letter to register my non - approval of the application from SPACE for additional events <br />and their proposed commercial kitchen. <br />The traffic and noise will increase to the point that we will not be able to relax in our own home. <br />One of the reasons for buying this far out of town was the quiet and peace of the evenings. <br />If this application for additional events passes then maybe we as lot owners of Sea View should have our <br />land values reflect the down grade to our life style, peace and quiet. <br />if you do pass this application, you as the planning division should have some very strict written rules for <br />SPACE to operate under. Violations should reflect fines and / or shutting down the whole mess. <br />s <br />J eph & victoria Cowen <br />12 -253 Mapuana Ave <br />Pahoa, Hl 96778 <br />