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Larry Brown <br />To: UschiandDavid Snover <br />Subject: RE: Testimony to Amendment of Space Permit #1122 <br />Communication No. 2012 -57.5 <br />From: UschiandDavid Snover [mai Ito: thesnoversCa)] <br />Sent: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 9:19 AM <br />To: Larry Brown <br />Cc: Gary Glickman <br />Subject: re: Testimony to Amendment of Space Permit #1122 <br />Aloha Larry, <br />we are hereby forwarding the testimony from Gary Glickman and Stephan Hewitt, <br />(TMK 040 -038 and 040 -039). <br />Mahalo, <br />David and Ursula Snover <br />Begin forwarded message: <br />From: Gary Glickman <garyglickman(c)> <br />Subject: Re: Meeting of the Action Committee of PCDP tomorrow at 3pm <br />Date: May 13, 2013 2:03:35 PM HST <br />To: david and uschi Snover <thesnovers(d)> <br />To Uschi and David Snover, <br />As owners and developers of three lots near SPACE, we are among the <br />neighbors who will be most impacted by increased noise and traffic if the <br />organization is allowed to increase the volume of its public events, as <br />described in the proposed amendment. <br />We would be so grateful if somehow you could convey to the Action <br />Committee of the Puna Community Development Plan how devastating it would be <br />to find after all our years of planning, dreaming, and saving money and <br />changing our lives so that we can spend our days and nights in quiet far <br />from traffic and amplified sounds, that we were trapped by our vicinity to <br />what the HAWAII VOLCANO CIRCUS is requesting. <br />TO THE ACTION COMMITTEE! <br />The neighborhood is very vulnerable already -- every car that passes our <br />land is an'event' -- all the neighbors know that loud talking on the <br />street is audible to every house. One of the shared understandings of the <br />neighborhood is that we are all sustaining the special environment by being <br />courteous and mindful of our neighbors. <br />