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April 6, 2013 <br />Communication No. 2012 -57.3 <br />RE: Seaview Performing Arts Center and Education (SPACE) and their proposed <br />Amendment to Special Use Permit #1122 <br />Aloha to all affected neighbors in Kalapana Seaview <br />Our names are David and Uschi Snover and we are neighbors and landowners that <br />are directly affected by SPACE. <br />In Hawaii Volcano Circus' (HVC) Application to Amend Special Permit #1122 as well <br />as their supplemental information document, HVC refers multiple times to their <br />mission including promoting (p.13:) "Quality of Life encompassing safe, caring and <br />engaged communities; healthy, sustainable surroundings... adequate, well <br />maintained infrastructure... and positive interaction and respect among citizenry," <br />How caring and healthy is this proposal in regard to us, the 148 potential neighbors <br />within 500 feet of their complex who would be directly affected by the increased <br />frequency of noise and traffic imposed by this proposal? This number does not <br />include neighbors along Mapuana Avenue, W. Pohakupele Loop and W. <br />Kehauopuna Street who would also be affected by traffic +noise increases? <br />The applicant also states (p.11:) "An ongoing dialogue with our neighbors has <br />identified noise as the or concern /issue" The same paragraph ends: extensive <br />"communications with neighbors have produced the following proposal for additional <br />activities and their respective conditions for noise and other limitations, for example, <br />"we are confident that we can keep to these objective standards and eliminate past <br />noise issues with the installation of a $50,000 sound insulation plan that is being <br />funded by grants conditional upon issuance of this amended request." <br />In a review by Police Staff (Dec. 14, 2012): <br />• "As stated in our response memo July 29th, 2010, the primary concern <br />continues to be the noise impact on the surrounding community. ". <br />• Regarding public performances "staff anticipates that these events could <br />become larger than the stated 200 -300 attendees and noise impact on the <br />surrounding community will be significant" <br />• Regarding development of "a sound mitigation plan "... "this statement indicates <br />that no plan has been. implemented or tested; we believe that such a plan <br />should be tested to determine if it is effective in reducing the noise concerns <br />within the community." <br />-1- <br />