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Communication No. 2013 -16 <br />PCDP Action Committee Subcommittee on Connectivity and Emergency Response <br />Meeting with Bill Hanson, January 24, 2013 <br />(MarleneHapai, Patti Pinto and Stephanie Bath in attendance representing subcommittee) <br />Bill presented an outline of what areas should be considered under Emergency Response /Preparedness: <br />1. Evacuation Routes <br />2. Evacuation Centers /Shelters <br />3. Evacuation Plan (Family) <br />• Kit <br />• Routes <br />• Shelters /Centers <br />4. Emergency Response Training (CERT) <br />5. CPR /AED /FA Training <br />6. Community Emergency Plans <br />7. Community Resilience Plan <br />• Emergency Response <br />• Communications <br />• Self Sustainability (Food and Shelter) <br />8. Community Security: Police, Neighborhood Watch <br />9. MRC (Medical Response Corps) <br />10. ARC (American Red Cross) Shelter Strategic Management <br />11. Volunteer Fire Department <br />Bill presented a Civil Defense overview of hazards and pointed out how Hawaii Island is the #1 in rank <br />for the most different types of hazards we have the potential to be exposed to due to our many <br />different climatic zones. <br />Scanned many Puna subdivision maps and copied an area to begin working from for emergency <br />response and connectivity. <br />