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Communication No. 2013 -14 <br />March 1, 2013 <br />To: Puna Community Development Plan Action Committee <br />From: PCDP AC Subcommittee on Connectivity and Emergency Response, <br />Marlene Hapai, Chair <br />Subject: Approval to Plan and Implement <br />Puna Regional Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Fair <br />At its monthly meeting on February 26, 2013, the PCDP AC Subcommittee on <br />Connectivity and Emergency Response voted unanimously to move forward with <br />the planning and implementation of a Puna emergency preparedness fair. This <br />letter asks the Action Committee for approval to plan and implement this fair. <br />In its February 12, 2013 presentation to the PCDP AC, the subcommittee <br />presented its Connectivity Action Plan. It is presently working on all four actions <br />outlined in this document. <br />The subcommittee and its members continue to work closely with Bill Hanson of <br />Hawaii County Civil Defense resulting in: <br />• an outline on all aspects dealing with emergency response and <br />preparedness, <br />• large maps of Puna's subdivisions and surrounding areas <br />• emergency preparedness questionnaires for businesses and communities <br />• providing the foundation for an emergency response mapping workshop <br />The subcommittee continues to work on Emergency Response Mapping <br />workshops for Puna subdivisions and surrounding areas and is in the process of <br />working out logistics to present the workshop to two subdivisions: <br />• flyers have been created, one for participants, one for presenters <br />• logistics are being worked on for planning and implementation <br />• presentations are planned for April or as soon as selected subdivisions are <br />ready <br />The scheduling of presentations in April of 2013 to acquire feedback for other <br />community presentations and a potential Puna Community Emergency <br />Preparedness fair lead us to our request for approval to plan and implement the <br />first Puna Regional Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Fair (tentatively August 31, <br />2013) to reach more residents of the Puna region faster thereby creating an <br />awareness of the need for preparedness, increasing the ability to make informed <br />emergency decisions and enabling the community to help identify alternative <br />connectivity points for health, safety and other agreed upon purposes. <br />