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Community Strategic Plan <br />Guide and Form <br />A Straightforward Way to Get <br />What You Need <br />Written by: <br />Sheila A. Selkregg, Phd. <br />Art and Poetry by: <br />Children of Rural Alaska <br />May 2001 <br />Support for this project provided by: <br />U.S. Department of Agriculture -Rural Development, Alaska <br />Denali Commission <br />Alaska Humanities Forum <br />For copies of this guide, please contact: <br />U.S. Department of Agriculture -Rural Development <br />800 W. Evergreen, Suite 201 <br />Palmer, AK 99645 <br />Tele: (907) 761 -7705 <br />Fax: (907) 761 -7783 <br />USDAr <br />F-52M =z <br />r11 <br />d A L A S K A <br />HUMANITIES <br />E 0 R U M <br />