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Communication No. 2013 -9 <br />PCDP Community Representation Criteria <br />When an organization representing their community, having a mission reflecting a given focus of one or <br />more of the PCDP implementation items designated for that community, and expressing a desire to <br />move forward within their respective community: <br />1. If only one community organization exists within a given community, and is recognized by law and /or <br />by its respective community, having documentation which states that it is recognized by the DCCA, or an <br />official governing body of the county of Hawaii, for a given purpose, then that organization is recognized <br />as that community representative by the PCDP, and is recognized by law and /or by its respective <br />community with a Community Neighborhood Association. <br />distinct purposes within their community from each other: <br />a. each one should be delineated by, within its respective mission statement and /or articles of <br />incorporation, a specific and unduplicated purpose for that community <br />b. each one should be recognized by law and /or by its respective community, having <br />documentation which states that it is recognized by the DCCA, or an official governing body of <br />the county of Hawaii, <br />c. each one should define in writing what its roles and responsibilities are within the community <br />different from the other organizations in the community <br />d. their respective representation of the community must lineup with whatever portion of the <br />PCDP implementation they are interested in <br />Note: When such an organization presents itself in a form of communication to the PCDP <br />expressing a valid vested interest and desire to move forward within their respective community <br />with a PCDP implementation table item, its representative should include in its communication a <br />copy of its mission statement, a copy of its roles and responsibilities within the community, and <br />the PCDP implementation table item(s) for which interest is being expressed. <br />4. If more than one organization has a vested interest in a PCDP implementation item for a given <br />community, then these organizations need to form an alliance and present themselves before the PCDP <br />as one body. <br />PCDP COMMUNITY—REP—DEFINED Page 1 of 2 <br />