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Communication No. 2013 -7 <br />MOUNTAIN VIEW VILLAGE CENTER PLAN <br />WORKING GROUPS MEETING <br />JANUARY 10, 2013, 6:OOPM, MOUNTAIN VIEW SCHOOL CAFETERIA <br />The group continued its discussion of how do we define our mission, how do we envision <br />Mountain View in the future, and can we include in our work an optimal plan for Mountain View <br />and still preserve and protect our present day assets? <br />There was lengthy discussion dealing with the difficult realities of our Village. The highway that <br />bisects the Village invites a strip of highway anchored convenience businesses and the location <br />of current services (school, post office) on the highway creates traffic hazards. The need for a <br />plan is pressing and it is essential that we do not rush the process. Thoughtful work is needed <br />from all of our committee members. The fact that we have the Old Volcano Road in the old <br />Village is a benefit that we need to focus on. <br />We broke into smaller groups and worked on mission statements and envisioning optimal <br />solutions. <br />The Historical and Cultural study group proposed for its mission statement: <br />Mountain View is a diverse rural community with a rich historical and agricultural heritage. By learning <br />the stories that connect us to our past we can better understand the social values and environmental <br />assets of our community that are worth preserving and strengthening for residents and visitors alike. This <br />understanding of where we've been and our sense of the place we love now can inform our community <br />plans allowing for future growth while respecting our connection to the beauty of the natural world and <br />our historic Mountain View Village agricultural heritage. <br />We agreed to continue work on mission statements and bring our work to the next meeting and/or to share <br />via email. <br />Envisioning optimal situations enabled us to see that the highway dividing our village down the middle <br />has created some issues we must consider in our planning. The Old Volcano Road through the old village <br />can be a benefit to our Village Plan. We considered options for school and services in locations both <br />mauka and makai of the highway. These discussions let us see a broader picture and break up some <br />patterns of thinking in regards to the future of our Village. <br />At our next meeting we will break into working groups and outline our various missions, goals, <br />responsibilities and deadlines.* <br />We agreed to set a permanent time for our planning meeting: THE SECOND THURSDAY OF THE <br />MONTH, and a permanent location: MOUNTAIN VIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CAFETERIA. <br />