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Communication No. 2013 -6 <br />INFORMAL MEETING OF MEMBERS OF THE ACTION COMMITTEES OF PUMA COMMUNITY <br />DEVELOPMENT PLAN AND SOUTH KOHALA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN <br />Solimene's Coffee Shop, Waimea aimea Hawaii <br />Monday, January 7, 2013 <br />11:00-12:30 <br />Present: Dan Taylor, Patti Pinto (PCDPAC). Mar garet Horwatt, John Hoover Kit Roehri g <br />. <br />Mike Fischer (SKCDPAC) <br />This meeting was scheduled after several months of email communications. The goal was to <br />share our work procedures, share our experience in dealing with the various obstacles of our <br />work and to brainstorm ways we can continue to lend support to Action Committees, help us <br />to more clearly understand our mandates and to be effective in implementing our CDPs <br />according to the voices of our community members. <br />Topics discussed were: <br />The formats of our two CDPs: Different approaches to the work and resulting differences pp g e ces M <br />how we are able to keep our communities active in implementing the CDP. South Cohala ' <br />s <br />CDP is community based (Waimea, Hawaikae, Puako, Waikoloa ) with its entire format <br />divided by community. Puna's CDP is based on topic areas, each addressing the <br />p g needs of the <br />entire Puna District. <br />How to engage the Communities in workft through the CDP Action Committee: Talking <br />with representatives of the various community groups. Difficulty in identifying and <br />contacting all of the community groups working in the South Kohala district. Puna AC <br />reported a greater level of success in getting community groups to work for their goals <br />through the PCDP Action Committee. <br />Develo�� CIP and General Budget requests: Successes and obstacles were discussed. The <br />importance of having our Planning Department Manager as a mentor in the process; as well as <br />assistance in getting our requests to the correct party. We discussed the efficacy of using <br />assistance with budget requests as a way to connect with community interest groups. <br />Priority Lists: Puna members shared the Priority List. South Kohala members liked the <br />concept. They reported that the priorities are all included within their document, but are not <br />pulled out and highlighted for action in the way they would be if included in a Priority List. <br />